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Technology is a necessary part of doing business today and is very helpful for a restaurant startup. More traditional tech like software, websites, and email are crucial to launching, running, and growing a business, but mobile apps can take support to a new level. Let’s look at five types of the app no business should do without.

1. Accounting Apps

Accounting software is a major help when managing business expenses and invoices, but they aren’t a cure-all. If you’re out of the office a lot or traveling frequently, these tasks can pile up. The good news is that many accounting platforms like Freshbooks and QuickBooks come with their very own apps. They make it possible to scan receipts for expenses, quickly respond to questions about invoices, and handle the intricacies of your finances easily.

2. Inventory Apps

Managing your inventory of products and materials can be done with paper and pen, but that’s a bit 20th Century. A much better option is to use an inventory management app. These can make the process of counting stock much easier when you’re drowning in piles of products. For retail businesses, point-of-sale systems are another valuable tool, tying into your stock records to make sure you’re not running out.

3. Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile payment apps are useful for businesses who accept payments in person, as they make it possible to accept payments anywhere using a removable device that attaches to your phone. This comes in especially handy at industry events and conferences, where you might want to sell tickets or products on-the-go, or as a cheaper alternative to merchant processing devices.

4. Social Media Apps

It’s no secret that social media can be a powerful tool for marketing your startup, and there are plenty of apps designed with this purpose in mind. They work by, for example, sending you a notification via mobile whenever you get a message from a customer or follower, allowing you to respond promptly. Dashboard tools like Hootsuite can also help you monitor multiple social media accounts and schedule updates to save time and keep things running smoothly.

5. Banking Apps

Most banks today offer their own free mobile banking app. For business owners, this is a crucial tool as it allows you to transfer money, check balances, or make payments with next to no effort. Mobile apps are wonderful tools. They can make life easier in all kinds of ways, and running a startup is no exception. Start with the apps that come with software you already use and look further afield for more apps you can integrate into your business.