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Reduce Waste, Help the Environment & Improve Profits

Each year the restaurant sector generates 11 million tons of food waste. But with a few sustainable practices, your restaurant can help prevent food (and packaging) waste to not only treat the environment right but also save money and see more profit.

This checklist will help you identify areas where you can reduce food and packaging waste, help the environment and improve your profit picture. Being an eco-friendly restaurant resonates with customers today and can also help you attract new customers and increase revenues as well.

Download this FREE checklist to help you get started today!

Services include:
  • Analysis of current waste divided into waste categories.
  • Analysis of current waste (inventory) VS actual waste.
  • Analysis of your hauler costs.
  • Analysis of most wasteful items purchased.
  • Short term recommendations for reducing food and trash waste, what are the most cost-effective, easy practices to be implemented first.

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