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As the owner or manager of your restaurant, your bottom line is constantly on your mind. Every day is a delicate dance between offering the best quality ingredients while minimizing waste and unnecessary expenses.

But what if there were a solution that could help you save on food costs? That could help you reduce food waste and ensure that your restaurant runs like a well-oiled machine?

That’s exactly what MarketMan restaurant management platform is designed to do! Here are a few ways we help you save money and work smarter.

1. You Know What Your Food Costs Are

Food costs fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. But you can’t minimize that bite into your profit if you’re not on top of what current food costs are.

With MarketMan’s restaurant management software, you can easily plan and budget menu items and ingredients based on the best pricing you can get from vendors. You can also learn what your most and least profitable items are, which can help you curate your menu to maximize orders and profits.

2. You Can Control Your Restaurant Inventory

A mismanaged inventory process is the biggest contributor to high food costs. Manual inventory (using a spreadsheet or paper) allows for too many possibilities for error. That’s why inventory management tools are so helpful: you can know your inventory quantity and value in real-time. Each time a dish is rung up through your point-of-sale software, those corresponding ingredients are automatically deducted from your inventory. A manual inventory can confirm that these numbers are correct.

MarketMan’s software also gives you the ability to take inventory counts on a mobile device, which is easy to use in a busy kitchen. It also helps you easily track waste and theft, allowing you to reduce shrinkage and maximize profit.

3. You Can Optimize the Inventory Ordering Process

Realizing just before the dinner rush that you’re completely out of steak can put a serious crimp in the flow for the evening. Either you have to tell patrons that your famous black pepper steak isn’t available tonight, which could make for poor sales, or you have to rush out and buy steak at retail price, which cuts into profit margins.

But when you use software to establish processes for your inventory ordering, you can set par levels so that you never run out of any ingredients, and you can submit digital purchase orders, thus reducing the paper waste (and the chance of losing an order form)

4. You Get Useful Alerts and Reports

You’ve got a lot going on in your role, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. But with MarketMan’s low inventory alerts, you don’t have to worry about not noticing that it’s time to order an ingredient.

Also, profitability and usage reports, as well as a real-time dashboard, help you stay on top of all the data you need to run your restaurant with maximum profit margin.

MarketMan is designed to help you streamline your restaurant operations, from front-of-house to inventory and recipe preparation. Request a demo today to see how we can help you save money on food costs!

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