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Every restaurant owner understands that the secret to a successful restaurant is not just outstanding food. Quality food needs quality ingredients, and without your vendors, this would be nearly impossible. However, managing food, supply, and beverage vendors takes time that can be better used elsewhere. This article will show you how to save time managing your restaurant vendor payments.

By utilizing vendor payment management software, your restaurant can cut down on time spent handling orders. This saves not only time but also the income your business may be losing by manually processing bills. Even if you and your team are doing your best to keep things organized, there is always room to improve.

Disorganized bills are hidden time wasters

When your restaurant receives bills from vendors, only keeping physical copies limits how you can improve your business. Online vendor payment management software helps keep your payments organized. You can use features that compare price changes, view past orders, and keep your documents exactly where you expect them.

By upgrading your restaurant’s technology, you can ultimately save your business thousands. Tasks like managing paper bills and receipts add up over time, costing your business even more in labor. Simplifying these tasks makes sure that your time is being spent where you need it.

Electronic payments simplify accounting

Online vendor payments are more than just a convenience; they’re a part of keeping your restaurant competitive. Bill reviews, online payments, and payment history logs reduce the time your team spends reviewing documents and showing payment progress. In the event of an audit, your financial history can be accessed from one place. Online reminders can let you know what bills are still outstanding and when they’re due.

Accurately tracking prices, inventory, and labor costs uncovers financial drains

Have prices been increasing on your regular supplies? Are there areas where your restaurant can reduce labor costs? How about inventory discrepancies? Whether or not you can answer these questions off the top of your head, online tracking provides these insights in seconds.

What you learn from these online insights may expose financial drains that had long been overlooked. For instance, you may find that your business can save labor by streamlining its orders. By breaking down your financial details with a simple, transparent platform, your restaurant can conserve even more of its profits.

Keep a detailed schedule of vendor payment dates

Never miss a vendor payment again. By managing your payment calendar online, your vendors will get paid on time without billing dates sneaking up on you. After adequately reviewing your bills, you can pay vendors from the same platform. Especially for food trucks, the ability to manage payments while on the go is crucial to success.  

Technology is becoming a crucial part of staying competitive. Make sure that your restaurant is as efficient as it can be. Are you ready to find out where your restaurant can improve? Try MarketMan’s vendor payment solution by starting your free trial today.

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