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The strategic partnership is designed to provide customers with an even more streamlined and innovative approach to managing back-of-house operations.

For the past five years, MarketMan has been helping brands improve their back-of-house operations by providing them with a dynamic, cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution focused on streamlining procurement, delivery, accounting and profitability. The company’s easy-to-use, cloud-based platform is
designed to provide brands in the food and beverage industry with advanced order management analytics that track the cost of goods sold, document purchase history and help automate inventory purchasing. And now, it’s platform is getting another competitive edge. MarketMan is teaming up with the Square point-of-sale (POS) platform to provide an even more streamlined and innovative approach to inventory management.

Brands like Mr. Chicken, an Ohio-based restaurant chain, are already seeing success from the partnership between Square and MarketMan. By using the Square POS app alongside MarketMan, Mr. Chicken is now able to automate inventory, save time with vendors and see all its costs in real-time. The integration has also allowed for sales tracking, and ultimately, a detailed log of remaining supplies for management, streamlining back of house operations and translating to fewer late nights and early mornings counting inventory. The MarketMan system automatically receives and reconciles invoices in one central place, consolidating back-of-house inventory into a one-stop shop, replacing what has traditionally been an extremely fragmented experience.

“We’re extremely pleased by the results we’ve achieved by integrating MarketMan into our supply chain,” said William Horton, General Manager at Mr. Chicken.“This platform has saved us thousands of dollars in inventory and payroll, and is helping us grow at a steadier pace. MarketMan allows us to apply and track company specific metrics to analyze supply and menu pricing data, which we apply to our decision-making process.”

MarketMan’s partnership with Square builds on the success that the company has experienced since its creation in 2013, including the results seen by Mr. Chicken. Originally founded in Israel by entrepreneur Noam Wolf, MarketMan started out as a vision of creating a restaurant supply network in which both restaurant operators and their suppliers would be able to collaborate and manage every aspect of the restaurant industry chain. The company took off in its local market—today, it’s used by 25 percent of all restaurants in Israel. And the brand’s success extends outside of its country of origin—both restaurant operators and suppliers like Coca-Cola and Unilever are tapping into the platform’s power.

With its headquarters now located in New York, MarketMan serves thousands of restaurants across the U.S. And by teaming up with key partners like Square, Wolf says its reach is only going to continue expanding.

He said, “We’re continuing to build on momentum in the U.S. at a rapid pace, which is incredibly exciting. We’re working with customers like Gregory’s Coffee in New York, Four Points by Sheraton, Hard Rock Café and many other single-unit operators. By adding more clients to our system and partnering with concepts like Square, we’re positioning MarketMan for success in the long run.”

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