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Three Restaurant Concepts, One Restaurant Management Software

With not one but three different restaurant concepts, the Leonelli Benno brand in New York City has a lot going on at any given time. Liz Benno, Culinary Liaison for the brand, finds herself juggling recipe development, inventory, purchasing, social media, and managing food costs, while also assisting the chefs with whatever they need.

Pricing recipes became tedious and time-consuming for Liz, and she sought a more precise and streamlined way to determine what a given menu item cost to produce. She needed a solution that would minimize the time she spent on this task, as well as inventory.

Time-Saving Applications at the Tap of a Finger

After an investor for the brand suggested MarketMan (another of his projects uses it to great success), Liz immediately started using MarketMan’s recipe costing feature.

After Liz got rolling with that, she began taking advantage of other MarketMan functionality, including inventory management, invoice scanning and payment, and recipe creation.

Simple things, like the ability to easily go through invoice history to keep a check on fluctuating with food and beverage pricing instead of manually going through all of our old invoices, saves Liz an enormous amount of time.

“It’s a huge time saver, and really I think anybody can do it. Once you get into the habit of doing the same thing every single day. It makes it so much easier.”

Liz, and her chefs, also like how simple it is to use the MarketMan app, making it easy for chefs to use the cookbook and other features right from an iPad.

Day-to-Day Tasks are Easier Now

Beyond now having a simpler way to deal with recipe costing, inventory management, and invoices, Liz appreciates the prompt and effective customer service she gets from MarketMan.

“Customer service has been fantastic. When I text Grace, our account rep, she either calls back or texts back within seconds every single time.”

Liz finds her daily responsibilities easier because she can check in on new inventory items to make sure they have been inputted into MarketMan correctly when she scans invoices.

“When you’re opening up a restaurant, trying to price out every single recipe and every single dish, as in just one dish per person, trying to get that cost would take forever, so MarketMan really made that process super easy and fast.”