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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I Use MarketMan On My Phone Or Tablet?


Yes. MarketMan has dedicated iOS and Android apps; we encourage you to use them! Visit your app store to download the latest version. See an overview of how to go digital and avoid paper and manual processing here.

2. Can I Use MarketMan With Multiple Locations?


Yes, you can. MarketMan supports a wide range of foodservice business models, including restaurants, bars, and similar businesses ranging from one location up to hundreds. We have a unique account feature called "HQ" to manage all of your locations in one place centrally.

3. What POS Systems Do You Integrate With?


MarketMan’s all-in-one restaurant management platform offers integrations with the most widely used, best-of-breed POS platforms. Check out our POS partners here. Learn the benefits of integrating your POS with MarketMan here.

4.  Can I Integrate My Accounting Platform With MarketMan?


5. What Vendors Do You Integrate With?


Integrating with your supplier/vendor will allow your rep to automatically update prices, product codes, and add new items into MarketMan. Orders placed through MarketMan will go directly to your supplier, and all invoices/delivery notes will automatically flow into MarketMan. Current vendors/distributors include Performance Foodservice, Sysco, Fresh Direct, Gordon Food Service, LaBatt Food Service, US. Foods, The Bread Factory, and Brown Foodservice. 

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