Powered by Meal Ticket, MarketMan is our solution for busy restaurant operators Worldwide.

Meal Ticket offers innovative software solutions for foodservice distributors, suppliers, and restaurant operators. We support over $40B in client transactions, +11K restaurant operators, and the leading foodservice manufacturers with products that deliver data-driven results.


Creating Real-Time Business Intelligence

We work with Foodservice Manufacturers and Distributors, Restaurant Operators, Hospitality Groups, and Franchises to achieve integrated information technology that strengthens supplier and customer relationships and increases efficiency and productivity with business intelligence that drives data-driven decisions. 

Our technology aims to empower distributors to optimize their supply chains, hospitality groups to curate unforgettable guest journeys, and restaurant operators to create profitable dishes that delight. By seamlessly integrating our technology with the solutions from leading innovators in our industry, our customers' efficiency, productivity, and profitability are paramount.

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Empowering the Foodservice Industry with Innovative Software Solutions.

At Meal Ticket, our vision is clear: we're dedicated to revolutionizing the foodservice industry. We've created a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions for distributors, operators, and suppliers. As pioneers in innovation, our ultimate goal is to position Meal Ticket as the essential technology backbone for successful food service businesses worldwide.

Our approach is all about building meaningful partnerships and strategic collaborations with our clients. We consistently exceed expectations, stay ahead of industry trends, and adapt to evolving customer needs to cultivate enduring relationships that drive mutual growth and inspire ongoing innovation.

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Solving Operational Challenges with Technology.

With a dedicated focus on the industry ecosystem of foodservice distributors, hospitality groups, and restaurant operators, we aim to bridge the gap between innovation and operations.

A key goal is to become our customers’ trusted partner of choice by consistently exceeding their expectations. We are committed to providing software solutions that streamline supply chains, elevate guest experiences, and empower entrepreneurs to achieve new levels of success.

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what we value:

Customers, Accountability, Collaboration, and Innovation

At Meal Ticket, our mission is to to develop secure, scalable solutions that empower our customers to deliver data driven results while providing world class customer service & innovation.

Commitment to Customers

We prioritize customer needs and seek to create software and provide support that addresses their unique challenges. Our customer focus aims to achieve user experience excellence and create intuitive and user-friendly technology.

Technology Innovation

We create foodservice software with our customers’ future in mind. Software that solves problems today and tomorrow delivering a quick ROI for foodservice distributors, hospitality groups, and restaurant operators.

Collaboration and Partnership

We view our customers and partners as allies in success. We collaborate closely, offering timely support and guidance throughout the customer journey. By working hand-in-hand, we ensure mutual growth and achieve shared goals.

Integrity, Accountability, Transparency

Being responsible and trustworthy is essential to us. Our software and support are critical to our customers’ operations. Our professionals diligently deliver consistent customer support, education, training, and data security diligently.


Satisfied customers 
Around the World

100 hours

Saved on bookkeeping per month per customer


Reduction in Food Costs during first year

$40 billion

annualized sales transactions Managed
Get Ahead with Smarter Inventory Management

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