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Control inventory, ordering, & receiving

What’s included?
Placing & receiving purchase orders
Inventory counting and transfers
Accounts payable management
POS & accounting software Integrations
30 invoice scans per month
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More tools and insights to lower COGs

All features in Operator, plus
Supplier order automation & approvals
Inventory waste tracking
Recipe costing & digital cookbook
Advanced profitability reporting
50 invoice scans per month
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For large multi-unit organizations

All features in Professional, plus
Suggestive Ordering
2 included vendor integrations
300 invoice scans per month
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* All monthly plans will be charged an additional one-time  setup fee. Annual plans billed annually upfront.









Suggestive Ordring

Paid Add-on
Paid Add-on

Weekly Batch Orders

Receiving & reconciliation

PO approval

Accounts Payable

Invoice management

Accounting integrations

Price tracking & credit management

Invoice scans

20 Included
50 included
300 included





Recipe Management

Recipe costing



Recipe Reporting

Menu profitability

Actual Vs. Theoretical reporting




API Access

Vendor Integrations

Paid Add-on
Paid Add-on
2 included

Trusted by 12,000+ Restaurants
over the globe

MarketMan is a go-to solution for quick service restaurants, coffee shops, bars and full-service establishments looking to streamline operations.
"Being able to see the real-time inventory helps us keep track of our cost of goods sold. We evaluate it now on a monthly basis, and have brought it down from around 30% before we started using MarketMan."
Anne Ng
Owner of Bakery Lorraine
"MarketMan helps different teams work together to solve problems. If one restaurant is having discussions as to why their food costs were so high, each team can go into the MarketMan platform and see why."
Daniel Cooper
Director of Supply Chain
Management at Lovekind
"We save a ton of time ordering a week. We put in almost no effort. It’s helpful to see prices by suppliers, so we can find the lowest cost for goods automatically."
Robbin Blythe
Founder at El Toro Loco
"I truly feel that we’ve learned more about our purchasing trends and cost of goods sold in the past three months than we have in the past 5 years."
Chris Murchison
Senior Vice President, Operations
at Ashley Mac’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Say goodbye to time-consuming inventory management process.

1. Do I Need To Buy Any New Hardware To Use MarketMan?


Nope! MarketMan works on your existing Windows and Mac devices as well as Android and Apple mobile devices. Download our mobile apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

2.  What POS Systems Do You Integrate With?


MarketMan’s all-in-one restaurant management platform offers integrations with the most widely used, best-of-breed POS platforms. Check out our POS partners here. Learn the benefits of integrating your POS with MarketMan here.

3. What Vendors Do You Integrate With?


Integrating with your supplier/vendor will allow your rep to automatically update prices, product codes, and add new items into MarketMan. Orders placed through MarketMan will go directly to your supplier, and all invoices/delivery notes will automatically flow into MarketMan. Current vendors/distributors include Performance Foodservice, Sysco, Fresh Direct, Gordon Food Service, LaBatt Food Service, US. Foods, The Bread Factory, and Brown Foodservice. 

4. Can I Use MarketMan With Multiple Locations?


Yes, you can. MarketMan supports a wide range of foodservice business models, including restaurants, bars, and similar businesses ranging from one location up to hundreds. We have a unique account feature called "HQ" to manage all of your locations in one place centrally.

5. Are There Extra Charges For Customer Support?


No. Customer support is included in your software subscription, giving you access to U.S.-based employees (real live human experts) via phone, email, and web 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The “Channels” of support include:

  • Live Chat
  • Email:
  • Message us on WhatsApp at +972 58-473-8788, or
  • Call us seven days a week from 3 am - 6 pm EST U.S. at +1 201-735-0429
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