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    The 20 Best POS Systems on the Market (We Know Because We Did the Research)

    `Laurie Mega` : Posted on March 17, 2022

    Whether you’re a small coffee shop or a multi-location fast-casual restaurant, you probably have some kind of POS system running your ordering and sales, and maybe some other restaurant functions, as well. But is it the best system for your business?

    There are a sea of POS software options out there today. It’s tough to know if you chose the right one to meet the needs of your restaurants and your customers.

    At MarketMan, we’ve partnered with the best of the best in POS systems to integrate with our inventory management software. So, if you’re looking for a new POS solution, start with this list. We’ve already done the vetting for you!

    5 Ways to Recession - Proof Your Restaurant Business
    Optimizing restaurant operations in 2023 and beyond


    NCR/Aloha is a cloud-based POS solution for both FOB and BOH operations. Digital POS hardware allows restaurants to set up contactless and handheld ordering devices that support curbside pickup, easy table ordering, and delivery.

    Cloud-based tools support online ordering, rewards programs, and virtual brands. BOH staff can use Aloha to get reports and analytics while making menu and pricing updates in real time.


    Blinq is a cloud-based POS system that allows customers to view menus, order, and pay via their iPhones. 

    Blinq includes a detailed view of daily revenue, as well as a countdown feature that keeps track of restaurant inventory. It also includes time tracking for staff, with an easy app for them to clock in and out.


    Bluebird provides hardware solutions for mobile and contactless payment. Customers can choose from mobile payment solutions, enterprise tablets, RFID solutions, and more. 

    Their BOS software provides customized solutions for customers, as well.


    Bypass specializes in POS software solutions for QSR, fast-casual, and multi-unit restaurants, as well as sports and entertainment venues. Their apps, kiosk, and POS hardware make ordering and paying easy and accessible for all customers.

    Their cloud software creates consistency across locations and helps management make analytics-based decisions they can implement in real time.


    Clover’s cloud-based POS software is customizable and accessible on the go, so management can see analytics such as sales and inventory from anywhere. You can also add third-party apps to create a full-scale management solution.

    Clover also offers POS hardware such as countertop registers and handheld devices.

    One perk Clover offers: They don’t charge per employee, so you can add your whole team.

    EZ Dine

    EZ Dine supports both Android and iOS to provide restaurants with both FOH and BOH solutions. Restaurant owners can offer online ordering from a customized, branded site free of commissions.

    EZ Dine offers inventory and menu management tools, as well. Owners can set par levels and schedule automatic changes to their menus. They can also control multiple menus at once.


    Lavu offers a full POS system that includes iPad solutions. They also offer self-ordering kiosks via iPad touch screens that help you reduce labor costs and increase revenue through upsells.

    And their Discount Cash Program helps you cut credit card fees by rewarding customers who pay with cash and passing on the fees to those who don’t.


    Lightspeed offers a full suite of solutions for both FOH and BOH management. They go beyond point of sale, covering inventory management, accounting solutions, kitchen display systems, delivery and loyalty programs, all integrated into one seamless tool.

    In recent years, Lightspeed has acquired other POS system brands, including iKentoo, Kounta, and GastroFix.


    Lolly offers POS solutions for the restaurant, hospitality, and corporate catering industries. Their products cover payment, self-serve, customer engagement, kitchen management systems, EPOS, business integration and analytics, and integration with UberEats.


    Maitre’D, powered by PayFacto, offers what you might call basic and premium levels of their software. The basic level, however, is anything but. It offers a full list of tools that include payment processing as well as table and labor management.

    You can take that to the next level by adding on only the modules you need to create your own customized premium tool. Modules include accounting, online reservations, inventory management, and even property management through integration.


    Restaurants that use Ordyx for their POS system have the option of adding a completely independent ghost kitchen interface, should they decide to expand to a pop-up or fully online restaurant concept.

    It also offers email marketing tools and customized notifications to help manage your restaurant. Owners can get alerts on opening and closing, employee overtime, and comp requests.


    Redcat is an Australia-based company that specializes in multi-site and QSR models. Their tools help restaurant owners set up delivery, reward programs, drive-thru service, online ordering, and more.

    Their software can also help restaurants set up successful virtual brands.


    Revel Systems is an iPad-based SaaS platform that features POS solutions for all types of restaurant models, including cafes, pizza shops, and QSRs. Their POS system features an open API, which allows owners to integrate with a large number of restaurant management partners to customize your restaurant management software for your business’s needs.


    While Square has built a payment system for all types of businesses, it has created a set of tools customized for the restaurant industry. Use Square POS hardware and software solutions for everything from QSR to bar to ghost kitchen models.

    Square’s user-friendly interface allows staff to make real-time menu updates and log repeat orders to speed up service.They also offer kitchen display systems and in-depth analytics.

    Square’s basic software is even free.

    Squirrel Systems

    Squirrel Systems is a full-service software solution that streamlines both FOH and BOH operations for your restaurant (including POS). Built on an open platform, it is highly customizable and includes both hardware and software solutions for any size restaurant or entertainment venue.


    Tabit is a completely cloud-based system, built on a single platform. Their solutions handle all aspects of restaurant management, including POS. Products include TabitWheels for delivery, Tabit Kitchen for BOH management, the TabitChef owner app, and TabitFeedback that gives customers an easy, direct way to provide feedback on their dining experience.


    Toast covers pretty much any restaurant model you can think of with every kind of restaurant software solution out there, including POS, analytics, customer engagement, and kitchen management. If they don’t offer it as their own service, chances are, they have a partner integration that will.


    TouchBistro’s POS system is part of their all-in-one restaurant management solution. It checks all the boxes for a solid POS system, with staff management, online and tableside ordering, gift card and rewards management, and more. 

    What’s neat about TouchBistro is features such as bill splitting, which allows servers to split bills among different diners at the same table. And its Table Management App lets you customize and edit your floor plan from anywhere to optimize your tables.


    Tray has put together something unique for its customers: a Post COVID Success Kit. This array of tools to give restaurant goers what they’ve come to expect from the dining experience post-pandemic. It includes digital channels for contactless ordering, no-contact payment tools, and no-contact pickup options.


    The name may fool you. POSitouch offers a suite of restaurant management tools, beyond their cloud-based POS system. With POSitouch, restaurants can manage inventory, staff, tables, and marketing. Some of the cooler features include tip splitting and a customizable, color-coded table status display.

    Now that restaurants are reopening, POSitouch has rolled out tools to support contactless ordering, payment, and pickup, as well.


    Qu specializes in POS systems for quick-service and fast-casual restaurants. One of its cooler features is its ability to consolidate third-party ordering into one, native display. And when orders reach the kitchen, they are integrated into one display, rather than across several tablets.

    Qu can help both single-menu and enterprise operations manage their restaurants seamlessly.


    Upserve runs the gamut of restaurant management tools, from staff to menus to ordering. Top features include Training Mode that lets you train new staff easily, and Offline Mode that’s got your restaurant covered if the internet goes down.

    Upserve also features Menu Intelligence, not only allows servers to search menu items quickly, but also gives you important analytics on your menu, such as which items are your top sellers and which are bringing in repeat customers.

    5 Ways to Recession - Proof Your Restaurant Business
    Optimizing restaurant operations in 2023 and beyond

    No matter what you choose for your POS system, remember that the most effective POS is the one that serves the needs of your business and your customers the best. 

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