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The cloud-based system was engineered to bridge a gap within the restaurant industry.

Five years ago, Noam Wolf and his co-founders Igal Wolf and Or Mintz recognized a large gap in restaurant operations. Specifically when it came to back-of-house. Wolf and his partners came from more than a decade of experience pioneering mobile apps and technology development globally in Israel, and were looking for their next venture. As technology was becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant space. They noticed a section of the restaurant that was completely overlooked. That’s why they founded MarketMan.

Established in 2013

Originally established in 2013 with a vision of creating a restaurant supply network. In which both restaurant operators and their suppliers will be able to collaborate and manage every aspect of the restaurant supply chain. MarketMan provides restaurant concepts with inventory management solutions that are otherwise missing. Before technology became a player in back-of-house operations, managing inventory was somewhat archaic.

The Back-of-House Operations

Back-of-house operations were reliant on outdated phone, mailed and sometimes faxed order forms and invoices. Restaurant operators were sourcing inventory by word of mouth or pen and paper. It was not uncommon for items to slip through the cracks, numbers to be off and sales to be unaccounted for. Just as technology has been able to allow for seamless operations in front-of-house operations. Whether through tableside ordering devices or a unified POS system. Wolf knew there had to be a better way for the back of the house to operate.

The Solution

“In founding MarketMan, we came up with a solution for restaurant operators looking to minimize the time it takes to manually compose orders and track inventory,” said Wolf. “The solution allows both restaurant owners and suppliers to input all of their supply chain management in one single place. No more looking for receipts or tracking down vendors – everything you need is in the system.” MarketMan bridges the gap between the operator and vendor through the software. Which in turn allows restaurant operators to reduce both food costs and the time that goes into inventory management. The entire operation runs through an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that can be updated on a phone, tablet or desktop.

Front vs Back of House

“Restaurant operators have focused on the front-of-house for far too long. It was time to give the back-of-house the attention it deserved,” said Wolf. “Almost every restaurant operator has experienced unorganized processes that ultimately result in errors. In many cases, operators have no idea how profitable the operations can be. In such a fast-paced environment, restaurant operators have to utilize technology in order to stay in the game.”

What the Future Holds

Since its inception five years ago, MarketMan has allowed for an average of two to five percent reduction in food costs within the first year of implementation. Clients report an average 50 percent boost in order efficiency. The company also now has also grown on a global scale since its founding—MarketMan currently has offices in London, Israel, and maintains its global headquarters in New York City. This success has allowed the brand to become a core part of operations with more than 2,000 customers worldwide. Ready to start saving time and cutting costs? Request a demo of MarketMan and be sure to download our free guide, The Ultimate Guide to Lowering Food Cost in Your Restaurant.

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