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Integrating technology can help your future bar run seamlessly, increase its profitability, and keep all of your information in one place.

Before you open your bar, make sure you have your paperwork in order:

The first steps to opening a bar may be stressful and tedious, but once you have your permits and licenses aligned, you can get started on the fun parts, like carefully crafting each item for your menu. In order to operate your bar you must have your Business License along with a Liquor License to sell any alcohol.

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency:

Investing in a modern bar point of sale system can connect you to your staff in an easy, seamless manner that promotes efficiency. By implementing a cloud-based POS system, Press Bistro saw a 10 percent drop in time-to-table orders, so customers experienced a shorter wait time.

Final impressions can make or break an overall experience:

When a customer’s evening comes to an end, a well-integrated POS system allows them to split their check numerous ways. Coupled with a seamless integration between front-of-house and back-of-house staff, this creates an optimal customer experience, and the ability to turn tables quicker.

The nitty gritty of your POS:

Utilizing an advanced bar POS not only improves your customer experience, but it also helps you stay up to speed with what is going on at your bar. The sales analytics that your POS provides allows you to see which menu items are the most popular, track your day-to-day operations, and even keep an eye on the productivity of your waitstaff. And with a cloud-based system, you can check in on all of this data even if you are on your couch or lounging at the beach.

The Importance of Inventory:

Inventory is a major part of any business, but at a bar, accurate inventory is absolutely essential. Control and track your inventory using a system that works alongside you and helps to anticipate your needs.

Meeting your inventory needs at the right time and price:

By implementing inventory software, you can control your suppliers and pricing. If you own multiple bars, you can also control what inventory is being purchased at each location. By making sure that only pre-approved items are purchased, you can avoid overspending.

Stay within your budget:

Keeping your inventory information and order history all in one place allows you to continually assess how much you are spending, helping you stay within budget, whether you have one bar or five.

Two services, one device:

By taking advantage of the ingenuity of cloud-based programs, you are able to keep all information about your bar on one device that you can always have at your fingertips. By combining your POS and your inventory system on one device, you can easily change screens to see what items are most popular and if you need additional inventory to fill the demand. The ease of access that comes from cloud-based programs not only helps maintain an organized environment, but it is sure to increase profitability for your business.

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