How Chinese Hot Pot Chain the Dolar Shop Streamlined Their International Restaurant Operations with MarketMan

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Dolar Shop

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International Chain

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Full Service


Unified international operations, reduced staffing, and improved cost-efficiency.

"We switched to MarketMan to manage all of our purchasing and inventory counts. The process is now streamlined, requiring fewer employees for daily tasks. Plus, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to train my staff."

The Dolar Shop is an international Chinese restaurant chain showcasing Hong Kong-style hotpot culture, blending high-quality ingredients with top-notch sauces and unique flavors. With over fifty up casual scale restaurants in China and locations in Vancouver, Sydney, Seattle and New York City, their business has exploded.


To scale efficiently, they turned to MarketMan to streamline their purchasing process and inventories across each location, facilitating efficient ordering between wholesale vendors and suppliers.

Explore how the Dolar Shop, an international Chinese hotpot restaurant chain with over fifty upscale locations, leveraged MarketMan's capabilities to streamline their operations globally. Discover how they saved time, reduced staffing needs for daily tasks, and closely monitored their purchasing prices.

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Scaling and switching to a new restaurant management platform

Since the Dolar Shop has become an international organization, they needed a unified system to manage their multiple locations worldwide. Their previous restaurant management software only worked in China, so they turned to MarketMan to scale their international restaurant operations.

Fiona Wang from Dolar Shop quote about purchasing and inventory counts

“We switched to MarketMan to manage all of our purchasing and inventory counts,” said Fiona Wang, the Logistics Supervisor at the Dolar Shop. “After using the platform for a year, we’ve found it to be a great choice for us.”

Making purchasing and receiving a streamlined process

Previously, the team at the Dolar Shop placed orders with vendors and suppliers manually, which took up tons of their time and was hard to calculate. Now, they can schedule and send orders directly from MarketMan and can keep all vendor information within the platform.

“The process is very convenient,” Wang said. “We can check directly in the software if suppliers have received our orders and what the status of each order is.

The team also uses the receiving function for all locations, every day.

Fiona Wang from Dolar Shop quote about MarketMan favorite feature

“Our favorite feature of the receiving function is that you can see price changes for all of our ordered items,” Wang said. “We can easily see what product prices we need to negotiate with our vendors, straight from one report.”

The Dolar Shop uses MarketMan for inventory counting, too. The platform helps them know what stock they have while also comparing the stock depletion data each month. The inventory feature is also great for providing their accountants with the value of the inventory they have to stay organized financially.

Improved ordering and inventory counts to save money and time

The team at the Dolar Shop saves time with MarketMan, especially when it comes to placing orders.

“Only one employee is needed to place orders, when it used to take 3-4,” Wang said. “The process is streamlined, and it gets magically done.”

The Dolar Shop sees the benefits through saving money, too. There are fewer employees needed for daily tasks that the platform handles instead, such as inventory counts and purchasing. The Irregular Pricing Report also helps them monitor their purchasing prices closely to spot mistakes or rising prices in general.

Fiona Wang from Dolar Shop quote about MarketMan's user-friendliness

“MarketMan is user-friendly and easy to train my staff on,” Wang said. “We are so glad we switched—it doesn’t hurt that the customer service is phenomenal, too.”

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