How Fast Casual Restaurant Lucky 13 Scaled Their Operations With MarketMan

Customer Name:

Lucky 13

Customer Location:

Bangkok, Thailand

Restaurant Type:

Fast Casual


MarketMan Empowers Growth & Cost Efficiency.

“We are now in total control of our inventory and have the functionality to improve our COGS. This would not have been possible without MarketMan.”

When Lucky 13 Sandwich started experiencing explosive growth, they knew they needed to level up their digital restaurant management platform.

Lucky 13 Sandwich is a fast-casual restaurant serving delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, at affordable prices. While they currently have Express and Full-Service restaurant locations in Phuket and Bangkok, they have big plans to expand in other cities, both domestically and internationally. Danny Cavender, the Business Development Manager, knew he could best support this process by improving the efficiency of their existing restaurant management system, and sought out a simple yet advanced setup that would be suitable for an international franchise. When he discovered MarketMan, he knew the platform would be key to accelerating Lucky 13 Sandwich to a digitally advanced enterprise.

Lucky 13 Sandwich, a thriving fast-casual restaurant, transitioned from a manual system to the advanced digital platform, MarketMan, to manage their rapidly expanding operations. From streamlining inventory to efficient ordering and integration with existing systems, the transformation has been remarkable.

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Implementing MarketMan with Expert Help

When it was time to implement MarketMan software into Lucky13 restaurants, Danny decided to call in the experts at Twice Baked Consulting to expedite the process. The team at Twice Baked set up MarketMan in each location while educating employees on how to best take advantage of the full functionality of the software. “The extensive training we have received from Eli at Twice Baked has been nothing short of phenomenal,” said Danny. “He has made us feel totally at ease with the new software and has gone far and beyond what we could have expected when joining MarketMan.”

Stakeholders at Lucky13 are also reaping the benefits from Twice Baked’s dedicated assistance. Even though two of the owners are based in Denmark, they can easily access financial reports and other important information and communicate back to the team through the system remotely. Other Lucky13 team members are gaining increased competence with the software as well, for their main uses of ordering, receiving orders, and recording waste and inventory counts. “We have never been more in tune with our franchise chain than we are now,” Danny said.

Easy Integrations For Rapid Improvement

Danny appreciated that MarketMan worked in tandem with Lucky 13’s existing setup. With an already adopted Lightspeed POS system, he integrated MarketMan to the workflow to allow for simplified stock control management, as well as key reports delivery. This has been a refreshing and productive change for Lucky 13, as their old system did not have the advanced functionality or the ability to integrate with their existing POS.

The immediate benefits of improving their system with MarketMan don’t end there. Lucky 13 also runs its own Central Kitchen, which uses MarketMan to give live prices on inventory items distributed from there. The products are sold at cost price to the branches and the prices fluctuate depending on the costs of raw ingredients. They now have a live system that updates the purchase prices automatically, with no headaches whatsoever!

Always Prepared With Easy Ordering

Lucky 13 is reaping the benefits of MarketMan’s ordering platform, too. “The ordering platform is phenomenal,” said Danny. “The simple but complex interface allows users to identify which suppliers offer the cheapest products, whilst also having very useful features such as the Min-on-Hand and Par Level.”

These convenient features are used by Lucky 13 staff on a daily basis. The Min-on-Hand feature on MarketMan will notify the manager via text when an inventory item passes below the set amount. The Par Level (the level of adequate stock before service begins) allows the user to update their basket on the ordering page instantly with one click of a button. Both features are extremely useful to the Lucky 13 team and improve their understanding of stock levels while always ensuring they are appropriately prepared.

Accurate Accounting To Save Time And Money

Marketman has helped Lucky 13 Sandwich scale digitally across the board, specifically through saving time and money while reducing waste. “MarketMan has given us the functionality to scrutinize our reports and improve our cost of goods sold (COGS) across the chain,” said Danny. “It will be instrumental in our success overseas before the end of 2021.”

Even with the interruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are pushing through to get their MarketMan accounting setup solid for accurate and reliable reporting. Regardless, Danny realizes that the reports are extremely detailed and will ultimately help them further reduce their COGS.

“We are now in total control of our inventory and have the functionality to improve our COGS,” Danny said. “This would not have been possible without MarketMan.”

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