How MarketMan Helps Juice Press Manage Rapid Expansion and Complex Supply Chain Needs

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Reduced waste, increased profitability.

"MarketMan provides us with quick-to-access and accurate inventory data, which helps us efficiently organize our operations"

With the goal of offering juice products that are nutrient-dense, free of preservatives, and made with organic, plant-based ingredients, Juice Press launched in 2010 in New York City’s East Village. This pioneering juice manufacturing company tapped into the growing wellness zeitgeist and soon became one of the fastest-growing Organic plant-based food & beverage wellness companies in the U.S. Since that ambitious opening, Juice Press has opened more than 80+ retail stores. The popular nutrition and wellness brand today is recognized as the premiere organic “grab and go”​ health food provider.

Discover how Juice Press, one of America's fastest-growing organic food and beverage companies, leverages MarketMan's inventory management SaaS to simplify its complex supply chain, reduce waste, and improve profitability as it scales.

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In 2010, the wellness space was in its infancy. Juice Press’ vision was to offer healthy alternatives to heavily processed fast foods that had become so pervasive. By delivering hand-made fresh, nutrient-dense, and ultra-convenient products, Juice Press curated an incredibly devoted and loyal following – including a slew of celebrities and athletes like Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Bella Hadid, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Bruce Springsteen, Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson, New York Yankee Mark Teixeira, and tennis star Novak Djokovic. An all-star list of wellness fans.

The Juice Press business model is innovative. In addition to 80+ retail stores with an emphasis on raw food, cold-pressed organic juice, smoothies, and raw salads, Juice Press launched JP Organic Market in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on its brick-and-mortar stores. JP Organic Market is an online market that’s a one-stop shop for fresh organic produce, healthy prepared foods, build-your-own grocery meal kits, and other products sourced from over 100 Juice Press suppliers. Competing against Amazon, the market quickly delivers to the homes of customers, making it easy and convenient for customers to restock organic grocery essentials.

Juice Press At A Glance

  • Locations: 80+
  • HQ: NYC
  • Employees: ~200
  • Founded: 2010
  • Website: Juice Press

The Challenge

From its underdog launch of a single NYC store into the incredibly competitive retail specialty beverage and food items segment, Juice Press’ focus on wellness quickly gained popularity and resulted in hyper-growth. To scale, they needed an easy-to-administer and user-friendly inventory management SaaS platform that could offer business intelligence on inventory management and order & purchasing workflow. Organizing and coordinating orders from a centralized production facility and warehouse – during very rapid growth – to manage and control costs and anticipate supply chain needs was the immediate need.

Already a long-time user of Square as their Point-of-Sale solution, and using GoParrot (a Square company) for digital online ordering and marketing, the Juice Press team wanted to update their inventory management platform and ensure seamless communication between these elements of their technology stack. MarketMan’s Preferred Partnership status and large install base of integrations with Square were viewed by the Juice Press tech team as a positive.

Integration and Support

“The MarketMan support has allowed us to more effectively integrate accounting, ordering, and inventory management in every aspect of our business model: retail, delivery, pickup/pre-order, and our supermarket sales. During implementation, MarketMan engineers came to our commissary over a weekend to help us create a more seamless exchange between our Head of Customer Service – where the orders that are being inputted – to our Head of Commissary. That improved platform interoperability made us much more efficient.”

Michael Karsch, Founder and CEO of Juice Press

Key Inventory Management Goals

  • Seamless integration with Square, their accounting platform, online ordering app, and existing tech stack
  • Improve inventory management best practices at scale
  • Ease of use
  • Short learning curve for staff and managers
  • Accessible training for store managers
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reduce food waste
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support

Coordinating and facilitating warehouse ordering with store Managers was a primary goal. Other key goals of the Juice Press management team were to reduce waste, efficiently coordinate vendors and suppliers, analyze recipe profitability, and analyze Cost of Goods Sold.

Juice Press Selects MarketMan

Juice Press’s technology team searched the SaaS horizon for a replacement for their existing inventory management platform and chose MarketMan.

A key MarketMan feature being used by Juice Press to proactively manage individual store ordering from the centralized Juice Press commissary is Suggestive Ordering.

MarketMan’s Suggestive Ordering makes Periodic Automatic Replacement (PAR) level ordering easy, fast, and automatic. This feature helps efficiently forecast demand for menu items, facilitates more accurate orders, reduces food waste caused by over-ordering, increases customer satisfaction by ensuring inventory for favorite menu items will meet forecasted demand, and drastically reduces the time managers and staff spend on estimating and ordering inventory by automating these calculations based on complex data from historical sales, recipes, reported waste, and measurable trends. These outcomes increase profitability.

Suggestive Ordering uses predictive analytics, and sophisticated algorithms to accurately forecast demand and automate inventory management.


With MarketMan in place for over 4 years, Juice Press store Managers and the corporate team communicate more effectively on inventory management strategy to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, streamline operations, and better manage supplier relationships.

MarketMan helps Juice Press maintain optimal inventory levels at its production and warehouse hub. More accurate inventory tracking helps them prevent stockouts and backorders.

Another benefit is that with transparent inventory management, Juice Press store Managers can more accurately forecast future demand. This enables better procurement planning, ensuring that the right quantity of ingredients is ordered from suppliers.

Demand Forecasting At Scale

According to Ariana Korman, Chief Operating Officer at Juice Press, “MarketMan provides us with quick-to-access and accurate inventory data, which helps us efficiently organize our operations.” Additionally, she states that “With enhanced inventory forecasting and demand planning from MarketMan, and by analyzing historical sales data and inventory levels, we make more data-driven decisions about pricing strategies and supplier and vendor management. This improves our demand forecasting accuracy to better respond to customer needs.”

From a scrappy startup with a mission to make wellness and organic food more accessible to 80+ locations today, Juice Press has leveraged information technology like MarketMan to build a solid foundation for even further expansion.

For more information on store locations or to have organic produce, juices, soups, snacks & pantry essentials delivered faster than Amazon, visit Juice Press.

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