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Addmi wants you to spend your time doing what you love with your business, not struggling with your tools. And we want you to put your resources where they count to propel your business forward, instead of paying extra for features you don’t need or for 'necessary' third party integrations. Your success is our success! Included features include online store, QR code self-serve ordering, KDS, email marketing, employee timecards, automated loyalty program, gift cards, etc. No monthly fees, no contract, but instead constant development, innovation and improvements for your business.


All Features Included: Easy, powerful, efficient. No more researching multiple products and hoping they connect properly. No need to deal with combining several different reports. With Addmi everything is in one easy dashboard.

A Better Experience: Faster ordering, smaller lines, automated loyalty programs, higher sales. Addmi is better for your customers, better for your staff, and better for you.

Continued Innovation: We are known in the industry for finding new ways to solve old problems. Innovation is our inspiration.

No Contracts and No Monthly Fees: We believe that if you love our software you will stay using it. We add a small fee to each transaction so you have no software fees. Keep more of your profits with Addmi!

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