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Blinq is a redesigned point-of-sale software, targeting all restaurant types. Our products are iOS cloud-based, designed to optimise restaurant operations, by increasing revenue, decreasing costs and enhancing customer service. Our products include:

  1. blinq POS
  2. blinq Waiter (tableside ordering)
  3. blinq Customer (COVID friendly)
  4. Dashboard (analytics)

Our fully-integrated software provides a frictionless experience, streamlining all your operations. We are introducing the next generation of point-of-sale systems developed with ease-of-use and affordability in mind. Our subscription is £29/month, for unlimited devices. No contract. No mandatory hardware. This is not just a subscription, this is a partnership. Our ecosystem provides a seamless dining experience, that unites customers and restaurants. Be different!


Full restaurant ecosystem: POS, waiter app (enabling table-side ordering), customer app (allowing diners to order and pay through their mobile device), as well as a dashboard that provides live data analytics.

Simplicity: The features our products provide can accommodate the most complicated venues, yet has been designed to be so simple that training is not required!

Integrations: We provide integration with Inventory Management, Reservation and Payment platforms to enhance your operations and create a one-stop shop for all your requirements.

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