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At EMenu Now, we provide technology solutions to help hospitality businesses improve their customer experience, increase loyalty, and boost profitability. Our market-leading digital tools include digital menus, ordering, payments, and engagement features that can either operate on their own or seamlessly integrate with any POS system. In summary, EMenu Now's capabilities include: rapid integration with existing systems within a day; a frictionless, app-free ordering and payment process that elevates customer satisfaction and supports personalised upselling; access to valuable customer insights for strategic menu product placement and stock control; and an intuitive order flow management system to prevent kitchen overload while efficiently managing customer expectations.

No matter your venue type, our unique features are designed to improve your efficiency, increase your profits and maximize customer satisfaction! You can get setup with your EMenu in less than an hour, and have your customers ordering easily and efficiently in seconds.

"EMenu Now highly is proud to be partnered with MarketMan, a leading cloud-based restaurant inventory management and purchasing solution which further strengthens our digital ordering and payments toolkit offering. Their commitment to streamlining procurement, delivery, and restaurant accounting aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance the restaurant industry through seamless technology."
- Joel Satchi, CEO, EMenu Now
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