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Freepour Beverage Management

Freepour has provided patented tools to the global hospitality industry for stocktaking at the bar since 1987.


Our patented Scanchecker System allows users to scan/weigh or count up to 20 bottles per minute in any order. Connects to wifi to synch to Freepour cloud to tare out exact empty weight, then export exact counts to MarketMan to get Actual vs Theoretical reports on liquor, wine, and packaged beverages.  Our Draftchecker solution provides time-stamped variance reports for draft beer, sent to your phone. Drill down to expose over-pours or unrecorded sales.

Freepour Beverage Management

Patented Scanchecker System: Accurate, fast, cloud-based, integrated to Marketman, invisible to guests, timely actionable data

Draftchecker System: Time-stamped visibility to get complete picture of bartender performance.

Both systems drop pour cost, labor cost, and provide ROI in around six months or less.

"Our partnership with MarketMan is important because together we provide operators with a holistic solution, and we are calling on the exact same target audience."
- David McCullough, Founder, Freepour Beverage Management

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