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KATAMI Consultancy

KATAMI Consultancy's offer is twofold:


1. Business Consultancy and Analysis followed by sourcing your new software solutions 2. Solution Implementation of your chosen provider - entire project journey. Project Management and Advice (scoping, planning, project delivery), Change Management, Training your teams and/or Managed Service. We work closely with SaaS providers to avoid project delays and ensure successful implementation.

KATAMI Consultancy

Project Management & Business Consulting: Outsourced Project Management and Business Solution Consulting

Systems delivery across various sectors: Hospitality, Tourism, Retail, Leisure.

Outsourced Internal Projects: (Tech and Non-Tech)

Sourcing your Software solution: HRIS (HR/Workforce Management, ATS, Scheduling, Absences, Time & Attendance, Payroll);Procurement & Inventory;Order & Pay;BI Solutions (Data, Analytics, People Analytics);Point of Sale (POS)

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