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Leading digital self service tech for hospitality.


Kurve gives your customers the best brand experience via Kiosk, Mobile Order & Pay, & PoS.

Our self-serve platform is driven by the best tech to help you sell more, reduce cost & serve customers safely in a way they will love.

Kurve’s self-serve tech is simple, convenient & hassle-free. Our products are all about creating new possibilities and delivering immersive experiences that deliver for your business, built on the latest Android technology.


Simplicity: Integrate with your current PoS or use the full Kurve platform for a slick and reliable self service focused PoS solution.

Product Suite & Integrations: The Kurve product suite includes KDS, Customer Collection Screens, Label Printing and key integrations with 3rd Party products for stock, loyalty and payments.

Hardware Flexibility: Kurve works on multiple devices from large floor standing devices, to wall mounted screens and desk mounted tablets. We have designed our software to accommodate all requirements so you can be sure we have the right hardware options.

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