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We deliver over 200,000 products to more than 125,000 customers. We enable those who think impossible is a good reason to try something.

Why choose Performance?

We are the industry experts:

Customers are increasingly conscious of what they eat, and their impressions impact your success. We’re committed to helping businesses exceed rising expectations by keeping our customers connected. From our seasoned chefs and experienced drivers to our culinary experts, we’re here to help enhance the overall dining experience and drive profit.

Superior Products:

No matter the size of your operation or the type of cuisine, we deliver on excellence. Our premium brands and unique products are sourced from around the world to ensure superior quality. Beyond food, we guarantee high-quality culinary equipment, as well as non-food items such as tableware and cleaning supplies.

"The MarketMan Team makes it very easy. There are a lot of ways customers can use this very powerful tool."
- Brian Handley, District Sales Manager, Performance Foodservice

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