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Sora Partners, Inc. has over 30 years IT experience, specializing in restaurant system implementation and consulting. We understand the core aspects of technology implementation, and can also help you improve your restaurant operationally. We even offer menu consulting. Our experience is our product. Our knowledge is 2nd to none.

Sora Partners

POS Technical Support: Sora Partners, Inc. always forges long-term relationships with our clients. That includes industry leading POS implementation and consulting, combined with our live tech support for all the products we implement and train our clients on. When you work with us, we don’t leave you out in the dark. We train you and support you, and your system.We use SERVD, an industry leading support platform, so be sure to check out our portal, so we can get you the help you need. We understand that these things are urgent, and we want to get you the help you deserve.

Comprehensive Consulting Services: Consulting, as defined is helping business make strategic decisions that impact the entire company. When Sora Partners, Inc. consults with potential customers, or even our current ones, we keep in mind that all of our suggestions have real-world applications, as well as real-world results.We know hospitality industry, because we came from it. So, our recommendations are always for your business’ benefit. We want to partner with you and set you up for success. We can help you be a better restaurant inside and out. Our services encompass technology, menu, operations and staffing. Even before you build out, we can help determine proper workflows, placement of equipment, online presence, and what menu makes sense. With over 80 years of restaurant experience on our team, plus some of the brightest technology people, we can set you up for success!

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