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MarketMan helps you craft consistency.

Create perfectly portioned meals, minimize waste, and ensure a consistent experience every time. MarketMan's cookbook feature allows you to curate a beautiful cookbook for your restaurant.


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Main features

Consistently Profitable Menus

With digital cookbooks, create perfectly portioned meals, minimize waste, & maintain menu profitability while increasing customer satisfaction

Train Your Staff With Ease

Cookbook's search system enables your team to identify the required ingredients, portion size, preparation procedure, & cook time for every recipe

Intuitive, User-Friendly Recipe Management

MarketMan's Cookbook feature eliminates recipe-building headaches by providing reports on food waste, shrinkage, prime cost, & more

Consistent Menu & Guaranteed Quality

Our cloud-based Cookbook helps create, organize & share standardized digital recipes with staff across all of your locations

Accurate Recipe Costs

Quickly calculate food costs and strategically price your menu to create consistent dishes that boost customer satisfaction

The recipe management system your restaurant needs to thrive

Get accurate recipe costs every time. This feature streamlines your recipe input process while minimizing error and improving data accuracy. The software will automatically tie in purchase price data from your inventory and add them up to all your menu items.

  • Flag potential allergens in menu items to keep your staff and customers safe
  • Create consistent dishes to boost your reputation and encourage repeat customers
  • Track your inventory usage and waste
  • Figure out your food costs to strategically price your menu

Benefits of Recipe Management

MarketMan's Cookbook feature is an intuitive, user-friendly recipe database that contains the most reliable repository of all of your restaurant's recipes, updated in real-time. No more worries about spillage on printed paper — the Cookbook is easily located across devices within the platform, so multiple staff members can access it wherever, whenever. Manually listing unit quantities, ingredients, and their units of measurement is a time-consuming, monotonous process. The Cookbook takes the headache out of recipe-building while also factoring in essential variables like food waste, shrinkage, prime cost, and more.

Train your staff with ease

Training your staff to use the Cookbook feature is simple, so you won't miss fumbling over stained or outdated printed recipes in the kitchen. Employees can discover recipes using Cookbook's responsive search system. For example, if they search "Blue Burger," they'll find the ingredients (including the quantity and unit type of each ingredient), portion size, preparation procedure, cook time, and any other information they need to make the dish.

You also have the option to upload photos of each completed menu item for reference.

Partner & integrations

We integrate with your existing technology stack

MarketMan restaurant management software integrates with all major food distributors, POS systems and accounting software to help you build a unique ecosystem tailored to your specific needs.

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Trusted by 12,000+ Restaurants over the globe

Read what our global customers say regarding how our software improves their operations, staff productivity, and profitability.

The Other Bird Lowers Cost of Goods by 8-10% with MarketMan

"When I did a lot of research, MarketMan seemed to be the most user-friendly, and also seemed to have the most background capabilities comparatively to other cloud-based inventory management systems."

Matt Johnny, VP of Operations at The Other Bird
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MarketMan Helps Juice Press Manage Rapid Expansion

"MarketMan provides us with quick-to-access and accurate inventory data, which helps us efficiently organize our operations.

With enhanced inventory forecasting and demand planning from MarketMan, and by analyzing historical sales data and inventory levels, we make more data-driven decisions about pricing strategies and supplier and vendor management."

Ariana Korman, Chief Operating Officer at Juice Press.
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Dolar Shop Streamlines International Restaurant Operations

"Our favorite feature of the receiving function is that you can see price changes for all of our ordered items,” Wang said. “We can easily see what product prices we need to negotiate with our vendors, straight from one report."

Fiona Wang, Logistics Supervisor at Dolar shop
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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Here are the top questions

1. Do I Need To Buy Any New Hardware To Use MarketMan?


Nope! MarketMan works on your existing Windows and Mac devices as well as Android and Apple mobile devices. Download our mobile apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

2. What Are The Main Benefits Of Having My Cookbook In MarketMan?


The digital cookbook gives Chefs and Operators a complete view of all the menu items they serve. It is broken down into cost, portions, and categories and serves as a central repository for all recipes and dish information for all your restaurant locations. Use it to train employees and keep your dishes consistently portioned and profitable.

3. What Information Is Tracked In The MarketMan Cookbook?


Photos, item names, portion size, exact recipe quantity, prep time, cooking procedure, allergens, and more are all tracked in Cookbook.

4.  What Is The Best Way To Organize The Cookbook?


In MarketMan, you can build out menu items by ingredients, portions, sub-recipes, and preparations. You can create custom categories like desserts, pizza, rice dishes, and appetizers.

5. How Does The Cookbook Minimize Waste?


Every dish in MarketMan has an ingredient breakdown and a price breakdown of the total ingredient costs. Use the cookbook to train your kitchen staff and help them portion out menu items visually appealing while reducing food waste.