Five Profit-Impacting Trends Shaping the Restaurant Industry in 2023

🔓 Unlock the secrets to restaurant success with actionable strategies for optimizing operations, maximizing profits, and building a loyal customer base.

🍽️ Discover how to identify and tackle inefficiencies, from menu design to staff training, that are holding your restaurant back.

🚀 Learn innovative strategies such as utilizing mobile apps and setting up lean ghost kitchens to stay ahead of the competition.

What's Inside?

Navigating the restaurant industry in 2023 is like walking on a tightrope. Between soaring inflation, a tight labor market, and persistent supply chain issues, restaurant operators have their work cut out for them.

Our latest eBook, Five Profit-Impacting Trends Shaping the Restaurant Industry in 2023, uncovers the most pressing issues affecting your bottom line and offers actionable insights to guide you through these challenging times.

📈 Inflation Worries

Tackling one of the most immediate concerns, we delve into the continuous rise in the Producer Price Index for All Foods. Discover strategies for optimizing distributor and supplier relationships, creating cost-effective menus, and leveraging technology to counter inflation. You'll also learn about reducing your Cost of Goods Sold (COGs) using innovative cloud and SaaS technology.

📉 Recession Concerns

Recession is not a word anyone likes to hear, but it's a reality we must face. Understand how the benchmark interest rate hikes and public sentiment are impacting consumer behavior. Find out how to adapt by offering limited-time promotions, focusing on takeout and delivery, and utilizing Business Intelligence software for more efficient operations.

📦 Supply Chain Complications

Unearth the root of supply chain issues that are expected to continue affecting foodservice in the foreseeable future. Anissa Mandell Chance, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain for Focus Brands, shares her insights on relationship-building, communication, and innovation as the key to surviving these hurdles.

👥 Labor Market Challenges

Dive deep into the labor market where the unemployment rate has hit a 53+ year low. With state mandates increasing labor costs and a tight market, how do you keep operations running smoothly? Learn how technology can come to the rescue to streamline tasks and make your operations more efficient.

💻 Technology as a Savior

Finally, we explore the ever-increasing role of technology in the restaurant industry. From Point of Sale (POS) systems to advanced Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), learn how to build an effective “technology stack” to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve customer satisfaction.

🛠 Additional Resources

The eBook is packed with bonus resources including a FREE food cost calculator, a guide on proper food receiving procedures, and tools & formulas for restaurant success.


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