Restaurant Menu Designs

Increase sales and boost your bottom line with a well-designed menu template fit for your needs. Easily edit menu item descriptions, move elements, and add photos to create a menu ready to print and distribute.

Access a collection of FREE menu templates tailored for various dining concepts, incorporating best practices and common design elements for maximum impact.

4 Types of menu design templates included for Coffee Shops, Cocktail Bars, Brunch, and Fine-Dining Restaurants.

Implement our printable Restaurant Menu Design Templates to help guide you through creating a well-designed menu necessary to increase sales and drive profitability.

From menu layouts perfect for Coffee Shops and Cafés to designs fit for drink menus and brunch offerings, these free templates offer menu ideas that you can tailor to your specific dishes.

To get the most out of these templates, ensure you:

  • Add high-quality images of dishes
  • Include detailed descriptions for each menu item
  • Choose a color scheme aligned with your restaurant's brand
  • Select the correct number fonts to utilize consistently throughout your menu
  • Implement the "Rule of Seven"
  • Utilize the "Golden Triangle" principle
  • Include enough white space to avoid clutter
  • Organize your menu items by profitability
  • Limit choice

Read our detailed guide on menu design best practices with menu examples, design element break downs, and more.

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