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Westville Restaurant Group: Streamlining the Order Process

Running six restaurants and one bakery means that a restaurant group like Westville in New York City often has to juggle many suppliers to take care of its needs at each location. For Shawn Peled, Director of Logistics, spending so much time on the phone with different suppliers was counterproductive to getting work done.

Shawn knew that the brand needed a solution to consolidate the business’ processes, control the supplier relationship, and better manage inventory.

A System That Scales

When Shawn took on his role in logistics, he quickly realized that Westville Restaurant Group needed a better system that would make it easier to manage multiple locations and handle future growth. He began looking at different inventory management software platforms and found that MarketMan offered the features that the brand needed.

His team partnered with MarketMan to find ways to improve the restaurants’ systems for inventory management and supplier relationships, and after a little collaboration, they managed to streamline everything to be more efficient.

MarketMan was the solution Shawn chose out of four possible platforms because of its excellent customer service and its ability to scale with the restaurant group’s growth.

“Today the team is much bigger and they obviously still doing a great job and we are very happy with them.”

A Better, More Streamlined Order Process

Shawn is pleased with how MarketMan has helped manage what was an overwhelming inventory system.

“Today we have about 1,200 different inventory items in soon-to-be eight restaurants, and it’s kind of a nightmare if you don’t use a tool that will consolidate it all for us in one platform.”

One of the biggest benefits of working with MarketMan has been consolidating suppliers. Westville went from working with 55 suppliers to 40 after implementing the software. He says he also likes that his team can control prices better. He gets an alert if one of the proprietors decides to change a price without notifying him, which keeps everyone on the same page.

He also appreciates how available his MarketMan contacts are when he needs assistance.“I can pick up the phone and call someone’s cell phone and they will help me in a minute.”

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