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The following list entails 9 ways MarketMan can help you to effectively manage your restaurant, control inventory, and allow your restaurant to thrive with the best restaurant management software available on the market today. Marketman combines cutting edge technology with an in-depth understanding of the restaurant industry. It understands your needs, and how to best service them; that leaves you with more time in your restaurant, and less time with labor-intensive paperwork that’s susceptible to errors. They say a change is as good as a holiday, Whether your change is a brand new restaurant, or a revamp of your original vision, finding the best restaurant management software is crucial for an effective and lasting transition in the restaurant world.

Reason #1: Restaurant Vendor Management Solution

MarketMan provides a consolidated purchasing platform to make ordering from your vendors seamless. There is a lot of communication that goes into restaurant management. Until now, there has also been a lot of paperwork. With the restaurant vendor management feature you can take your invoice management to the next level. The tool allows you to tie together three major functions of your vendor communication: ordering, payments, and reporting, all in one function. This feature allows you to upload paper invoices keeping you up to date with your vendor and feed current information to MarketMan’s reporting system. The reporting system is constantly updated with everything from price updates to current inventory levels. Not only will your inventory be tracked, but this feature is constantly monitoring price fluctuations as well. This way you’re looking out for your stock, as well as your pocket.Of course, all these features produce graphical reports, so that you’re always in-the-know when it comes to your vendor communications, without the messy paperwork. 

Reason #2: Simple Restaurant Inventory Management

A good inventory system means less waste and decreases the chances of theft. There’s nothing worse than being understocked, except maybe not being able to track where that stock went. A well-stocked restaurant is a well-serviced restaurant. So how do we manage that?By establishing your inventory, and setting your par levels with MarketMan, offers system suggested ordering, low inventory alerts, and real-time dashboard alerts. Aside from individual stock inventory, MarketMan offers budgeted menu items. This means you tell us what you’re making, and we tell you how profitable it is. All of this inventory data is then synced with accounts payable, keeping you and your accounting up to date with invoices, pricing, and intake. This feature also takes a load off your shoulders as it allows you to delegate purchasing. The delegated purchasing feature allows you to manage and track who can make purchases and what purchases are made, giving you extra pairs of hands, while keeping you safe from fraud.

Reason #3: Cloud-Based Inventory

With MarketMan’s cloud-based inventory technology you now have options for how to streamline your inventory. Generally, when we upload our information, we are uploading it to our hard drive. When we download invoices, we download them to our hard drive; the same when logging recipes. Cloud-based technology allows your information to be stored into a ‘cloud’, not weighing it down to a system that is susceptible to crashing. The cloud can be accessed from multiple devices and updated as frequently as necessary without taking up any space in your device at all. This means that your system will run smoothly, no matter how much data is being stored. It also means that your inventory can grow and deplete at its own pace as the cloud watches over it, running smoothly, without error.

Reason #4: Your Pocket Purchasing Assistant

MarketMan keeps track of your inventory, spending, and purchasing, it’s alert system makes sure you never have to worry if you’re running low. The app will tell you when it’s time to purchase, what you need to purchase and which suppliers can meet your needs. With MarketMan you not only manage your purchases with the suppliers, but the suppliers themselves are managed. Everything from delivery dates to authorized supplies, the app lets you know not only what you’re buying, but who you’re buying from. Order reminders mean that you will always have your staff prepared for new orders; while cut off times will keep everyone in check. Run your restaurant faster by switching to automated purchasing that will boost your productivity by 5x its previous function. That’s a purchase worth making.

Reason #5: Inventory and Order Management for Suppliers

MarketMan understands the changing needs of the supplier, you will be equipped with similar features, such as real-time pricing updates and invoicing transparency while receiving tailor-made supplier-specific needs.ERP integration means that your orders will be received automatically through the system, streamlining your process and increasing productivity x5. You will be able to display and manage your full catalog, but you will also be able to manage your brand. MarketMan knows that your brand is more than your catalog and therefore gives you a platform to manage your brand-feel to best represent yourself. To further customize your supplier-buyer experience, MarketMan allows you customized promotions ranging from the daily specials to the end of season close-out. With our thorough reporting, you’re able to make the right choices with your products. MarketMan matches small- medium-sized businesses with authorized suppliers. Become an authorized supplier, and let MarkeMan find the right match for you.

Reason #6: Automated Accounting 

MarketMan’s data extraction technology means that by simply snapping a picture of your invoice, MarketMan can convert the relevant information into actionable data. The data is then synced to your digital filing cabinet, making it easily accessible yet secure. With one click your invoice is uploaded to the cloud, and MarketMan manages the rest. With customizable permissions, you can allow access to relevant staff; while the general staff is still able to access the app. With a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to navigate as well. 

Reason #7: Streamlining Your Chain Restaurant

An important factor with chains is consistency and uniformity. MarketMan knows that you strive to provide the same quality of service with each unit. Consistency takes attention to detail, a level of understanding of your product that brings it up to quality every time. MarketMan offers complete consistency between your units. You have control over purchasing, allowing each branch to only purchase from approved items. This provides total quality assurance and purchasing transparency. Your pre-approved items are completely customizable at any time. Whether you’re changing stock due to seasonal availability, or financial considerations, you’re able to pick the best products for the highest quality results across all your units. Your units will be able to function perfectly from a commissary kitchen during a catering event. They will be able to order stock from one another and use all the same premium stock! This way you make the most of every delivery and service the unit that needs it most while creating a feeling of connectivity between your restaurants. 

Reason #8: Bonus Cookbook Feature

The cookbook feature allows your recipes to be clearly stored. The easy to read, cleanly designed layout means that you’ll never have trouble sorting through your recipes, and your recipes are ready to be pulled up at any time for reference with MarketMan’s responsive search system. The cookbook can be accessed by multiple devices at the same time. This means that not only is it available to kitchen staff, but servers can use it as a reference at any time. For those who like a hard copy, the cookbook feature also comes with an easy to use print option. 

Reason #9: Recipe Costing Software

Using the same OCR (camera scanning) technology, you’re able to get real-time analysis of where your inventory goes and how much your recipes are working for you. Which of your menu items are profitable and which are burning a hole in your inventory? It can be difficult, when you’ve created a menu that you love, to consider the profit margin. Let MarketMan do that for you with real-time alerts. The alerts will also keep you in the know when it comes to unexpected loss, preventing theft and decreasing deficit. At the end of the day, all this data is pooled with labor costs and gives you an effective overview of your inventory and menu options. 


Change your relationship with your vendors by creating a smooth communication system with vendor management solutions. Never miss a drop-off and never under order. With MarketMan you will ensure continuity of quality with pricing tracking and verified suppliers. Integrating OCR technology, cloud technology, and multi-device technology means that you’re not only in communication with your business but with the industry. The streamlined account management system of MarketMan extends itself beyond your device and into more thorough, accurate communication between staff, management, and vendors. Delegating becomes easy while you remain completely in control of your information sharing. Whether you’re a staff of five or three units of restaurants, you will always be on the same page.

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