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The restaurant inventory management system’s first-of-its-kind invoice scanning solution helps clients save time and money.

To ensure that everything is tracked, paid on time and updated, many restaurant operators spend hundreds of hours each month generating and sending invoices. Recognizing that manual invoice processing is tedious, time-consuming and prone to error, MarketMan, a cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution that streamlines the relationship between restaurant operators and suppliers, introduced a first-of-its-kind invoice scanning application in September 2017 to help restaurateurs save time and money.

With the innovative app, MarketMan clients can use their smartphones to snap a picture of their invoices and receipts. The company’s data scanning technology then extracts information from the photos and automatically begins tracking.

“You snap and we do the rest,” said MarketMan director of sales Matthew Hardoon. “We save our clients a tremendous amount of time by removing the burden of manual invoice processing from their shoulders.”

The app’s functions include paperless vendor invoicing, automated accounting integrations, optical character recognition scanning directly through the mobile app, data extraction, a digital filing cabinet and automated accounting. Each feature is designed to make invoice tracking more efficient while also allowing clients to receive alerts about price changes and opportunities to cut costs.

“The invoice scanning solution complements the rest of MarketMan’s offerings by making things much easier and quicker,” Hardoon said. “As a system focused on streamlining procurement, delivery and accounting, this app reflects our mission to drive efficiency and save time for our clients.”

According to Hardoon, the app also distinguishes MarketMan from its competitors. “No other robust inventory management platform like MarketMan is offering this technology, which is a key differentiator for us,” Hardoon said.

From full and quick service restaurants to coffee shops, bars, food trucks and bakeries, the app has received positive feedback from many of its users since it was launched.

“Invoice scanning simplifies the receiving and accounts payable process, which saves us at least 100 hours a week across our nine locations and regional staff,” said Frank Conley, operations manager for Raw Republic Miami.

MarketMan has already helped its clients reduce food costs by two to five percent within the first year of using the platform. Committed to improving the bottom line of all the restaurants it works with, it will continue innovating.
“With each update, we are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients increase productivity and profitability,” Hardoon said.

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