From Outdated Spreadsheets to Real-time Procurement: How MarketMan Elevated Erewhon's Inventory Management

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Erewhon Markets

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Los Angeles, Ca, USA

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From Spreadsheets to Real-time with MarketMan.

MarketMan has changed our life. Before its implementation, our procurement process was a disjointed effort, scattered across spreadsheets. Now, with over 200 suppliers and 2000 items streamlined through the app, our efficiency has improved dramatically.

Erewhon is a natural and organic grocer based in Los Angeles. With five locations and over 600+ employees, MarketMan has served as an integral piece to their growth by streamlining processes across the organization.

Erewhon, a renowned organic grocer in Los Angeles, makes a transformative shift from outdated spreadsheets to real-time inventory management. Discover how MarketMan revolutionized their daily operations across all five locations, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.

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Transitioning Outdated Spreadsheets to Real Time Data

Prior to MarketMan, Erewhon utilized spreadsheets to communicate to their staff which products to purchase, what price to purchase these products, and what suppliers to order from. Because of the slow process and the rapid fluctuation of prices, the spreadsheet was already outdated once printed.

“MarketMan gives us the ability to make changes on the fly and communicate those changes effortlessly through the app. We probably have 200 suppliers in the system currently with over 2000 different items that we buy from our suppliers, farmers, and distributors alike.” – Tony Antoci • President and CEO of Erewhon Markets

Unprecedented Control

MarketMan allows Erewhon to control pricing, and get the best possible price for every single product they purchase from suppliers. Currently, they make purchases daily from over 100 different suppliers across all their operating companies.

“MarketMan allows users to turn items on and off, so if they decide to change to a different brand or a product, they communicate that via MarketMan and the old item is no longer available for the chefs to order.”

Accounting and Reporting Made Easy

Erewhon receives all their orders through MarketMan directly off the purchase order. Once received, the price changes are indicated and tracked in real-time with automated reporting.Once price changes are committed, Erewhon employees can seamlessly upload the invoices as a spreadsheet to their bank.

Whether it be a weekly, monthly, or annual report, Erewhon now has unprecedented visibility over how much they’re spending on each product and with each supplier.

“The reporting is great. You can pull down reports on usage. So when you’re negotiating prices with the suppliers, you can say look – I use 100 cases a week of bacon or kale or any item in the system. You know combined between all your locations, what you’re buying.”

MarketMan Changes the Way You Work

MarketMan makes it easy for departments to communicate to suppliers what they want and when they want it. Thanks to the accessibility of the app, any member of the staff can place orders quickly and on the go.

“Erewhon chefs can be on the road going home and get a call from someone asking that we’re out of something and they just order right off the app. It’s changed our life.”

Before MarketMan, Erewhon struggled to get everyone on the same page. Spreadsheets and outdated systems created disjointed processes. Now, all Erewhon employees can work off one platform.They can now manage procurement, ordering, and inventory all in one place for all their locations. Antoci also credits their success with MarketMan’s diligent Customer Success team.

“Their response time to questions via email are within minutes of sending. The improvement in efficiency is amazing.”

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