How Daycation Resort BearX Operationalized Inventory Seamlessly with MarketMan

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College Station, Texas, USA

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Full Service


Saved countless hours on inventory management

“The scanning invoice feature is huge – not having to spend a ton of time inputting invoices has been a huge help."

BearX is a daycation resort located in College Station, Texas. The resort boasts The Cove, a day club-style swimming pool, and The Longshot Hash House, a restaurant and coffee lounge serving easy comfort food. With multiple outlets for retail, merchandise, and food service, they turned to MarketMan to manage shared inventories with ease.

Discover how BearX Daycation Resort in College Station, Texas, streamlined its inventory management across multiple revenue streams using MarketMan. Learn how this easy-to-use platform saved them countless hours and offered robust features at an accessible price point.

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Tracking shared inventories among multiple revenue streams

BearX has two distinct outlets in its repertoire, each with multiple revenue streams. However, they share inventories for things like merchandise, food, and beverages. Prior to instituting MarketMan, tracking inventories and staying on top of expenses was difficult amid the hustle and bustle of a thriving resort.


“We didn’t have a streamlined counting system for counting specific units, and didn’t double check data before we started to use it,” said Taylor Gordon, Project & Process Manager at BearX.

Keeping count across different shifts without a consistent process made inventory tracking was difficult and time consuming. Additionally, because the resort primarily uses part-time labor, different shifts had different processes — and sometimes even different counts. MarketMan’s easy-to-use inventory management platform, paired with the inventory scanning feature, helped BearX save countless hours checking and double checking their counts.

“The scanning invoice feature is huge – not having to spend a ton of time inputting invoices has  been a huge help,” said Taylor.

Long Shot at BearX Cocktails

Scanning invoices helps save companies like BearX hours of manual labor each week, ensuring consistency and accuracy with every transaction.

Robust features at an accessible price point

As BearX searched for ways to save time and gain efficiencies with their inventory management, they demoed several other products before choosing MarketMan. Competitors were “much bigger and more expensive,” but they ultimately found MarketMan “proficient for its price point, compared to other, more expensive solutions.”

Long Shot at BearX food plate

With features like food costing, waste tracking, low stock alerts, and suggested ordering, MarketMan helps BearX manage its operations without breaking the bank. Additionally, with a readily available Customer Success team, BearX was able to implement MarketMan efficiently and effectively. “I really appreciated the onboarding process,” said Taylor, noting their willingness to help and answer questions in a timely manner.

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