How Left Coast Food Uses MarketMan to Ensure Consistency Across All Locations

Customer Name:

Left Coast Food + Juice

Customer Location:

Chicago, IL, USA

Restaurant Type:

Fast Casual


Optimized Operations, Enhanced Culinary Consistency.

"The product has a lot to offer and we are looking forward to incorporating more of the ordering functionality. MarketMan has been a dream!"

Eating Right is Made Easier with a Complete Restaurant Management System

Focused on serving healthy food that delivers rich flavor and is convenient, Left Coast — a premier food establishment — is planning to expand from their current three locations and open stores on the west coast.

With three months under his belt at this creative and eco-friendly business, Justin Large, VP of Culinary, needed a solution to ensure his nutritional creations were consistent across all sites. Justin always wanted to boost staff retention by taking their training to the next level.

These challenges also needed to be addressed while maintaining the right levels of inventory and business protocols to ensure ongoing revenue generation.

Dive into Left Coast's transformative journey, a premier food establishment now set on expanding their horizons. Discover how they achieved consistent culinary delights across multiple locations and tackled the challenges of training, inventory, and revenue.

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Powerful, yet Intuitive

Justin came across MarketMan while online, and the platform just spoke to him. Robust and simple to use, he knew he found a solution that could be incorporated into the staff’s daily work lives. Management purchase approval was instance due to the cost-friendly price and the option of a month-to-month contract.

While they already use and love MarketMan, Justin knows that what they are using is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of leveraging the power of MarketMan.

“The recipe and cookbook apps are awesome”

The recipe and cookbook functionality allows the chefs to create new items without any extra steps to costing.

“The product has a lot to offer and we are looking forward to incorporating more of the ordering functionality. MarketMan has been a dream!”

Reinvesting savings

By tightening up processes and programs, MarketMan has enabled Left Coast to save time. Time that equates to cost savings that are being reinvested into staff training and new menu creations. Data entry takes less time and it’s also freeing up the time to focus on troubleshooting.

In an industry that thrives when it’s able to quickly meet the dynamic needs of its customers, MarketMan is helping them save time and money and become much more agile, creative and efficient, which in turn means being able to deliver the healthy, convenient food people want — that is tasty and at the right cost.

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