How MarketMan and Square Helped Bruegger’s Bagels Streamline Point-of-Sale and Inventory

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Bruegger’s Bagels

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South Carolina, USA

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Quick Service


Revolutionized POS & Elevated Inventory Insights.

“We have been recommending Square and MarketMan to other franchisees, and we will continue to do so.” – Dan Krueger, Franchise Owner

Bruegger’s Bagels brings fresh, New York-style bagels to nearly 300 locations around the U.S., but it’s Dan Krueger who brought Bruegger’s Bagels to South Carolina. Krueger owns multiple franchises in the Palmetto State, each one producing fresh-baked bagels from before the sun rises to the mid-afternoon.

He and operating partner Tanya Springer are proud that they serve a high-quality product under a good brand, and that they’re part of the community they serve, impacting not only customers but also the lives of more than 50 employees.

Discover how Bruegger’s Bagels in South Carolina transformed their POS and inventory processes by leveraging Square and MarketMan's integration. Dive into this seamless transition from outdated systems to intuitive, mobile-optimized solutions

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Brueggers’ corporate headquarters decided to no longer support the company’s outdated Windows XP point-of-sale systems. They tasked each individual franchise owner with procuring their own point-of-sale system, provided it met certain requirements.

The new point of sale had to be intuitive and easy for team members to operate while providing accounting and accountability on the back end for inventory and orders.

Integrated inventory was a key requirement. The old inventory system was integrated with the point of sale, but it wasn’t mobile, so conducting the weekly inventory meant going to each location, writing item counts on paper, and transferring them manually into the system.


Krueger and Springer heard from a Raleigh area Bruegger’s franchise owner who was having success with Square. For their inventory needs, Square recommended its integration with MarketMan. MarketMan’s inventory management approach gives high-level insights into food costs and a better ability to predict inventory down to the ingredient level.

The transition involved setting up the Square Point of Sale with menu items and entering recipes for everything in MarketMan. That way, items rung up in Square would be attached to raw ingredient items in MarketMan.

No more Hand Written Notes

“The weekly inventory is all mobile, so we walk around with iPads and phones,” says Springer. “You can have multiple people counting inventory at the same time, and I can log into other locations—I no longer have to be on site.”

Geater Control And Convenience

Springer notes that the new integrated system allows them to do more themselves.

“We used to wait days for corporate to update a menu item or pricing,” she says.“Now we do it ourselves in a matter of seconds. It’s quite simple and easy to use.”

“We have been recommending Square and MarketMan to other franchisees, and we will continue to do so.”
– Dan Krueger, Franchise Owner


Streamlined Inventory Process

Sales transactions sync with MarketMan, and the weekly inventory is easier than ever.

Improved Customer Experience

Detailed order info appears on the Square register’s customer-facing display.

“It’s a sleeker, cleaner look, and we can now take chip cards,” says Krueger. “The old system was like a wall between us and our guests.”

Consolidated Sales And Inventory Data

Better data means more insights that save money and increase efficiency.

“With Square and MarketMan, we’ve got more information available to us than we did before. It’s open our eyes more on the profitability of individual menu items.” – Tanya Springer, Operating Partner

MarketMan is a complete restaurant inventory management system that integrates with Square and other popular POS systems, and bookkeeping software like Quickbooks. We can help you track your inventory and automate your accounts payable process.

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