ECO Friendly Sustainability Audit Service For Restaurants

Implement eco-friendly restaurant practices that helps the environment, saves money and increases profits.

Smart restaurant managers know that in the highly competitive restaurant industry, they need to do everything they can to give their restaurant an edge. And being a sustainable, eco-friendly restaurant helps you not only treat the environment right but also save money and increase your profit.

Wondering where to start? Let MarketMan help.

MarketMan’s Restaurant Sustainability Audit for restaurants helps you track wasteful practices in your operation, analyzes the data on waste generated from your most purchased items and delivers short- and long-term recommendations to reduce waste and identify cost-saving opportunities such as food cost reduction and hauler costs.

Services include:
  • Analysis of current waste divided into waste categories
  • Analysis of current waste (inventory) VS actual waste
  • Analysis of your hauler costs
  • Analysis of most wasteful items purchased
  • Short term recommendations for reducing food and trash waste, what are the most cost-effective, easy practices to be implemented first.

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