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Cookbook Software

Behind the dining room is where the magic happens: the kitchen. The kitchen is command central, where favorite recipes come to life, and chefs prepare tantalizing dishes for hungry patrons.

MarketMan was founded 8 years ago on the idea that restaurateurs needed a deeper look at their back-of-house operations. MarketMan created this recipe management system, which includes revolutionary cookbook software, to provide detailed and data-backed insights regarding purchasing, inventory, and menu costing.

Let's break down how restaurant management software, and the recipe software program in particular, can help you create a menu you and your customers will love without cutting deep into your profit margins.

MarketMan's Cookbook Software, Explained

MarketMan's Cookbook easily stores your entire recipe collection restaurant makes. The user-friendly, cleanly designed layout of our cookbook software means that you'll never have trouble sorting through your recipe book. You can pull them up at any time for reference with the software's responsive search system.

Multiple devices can access the feature at the same time, allowing multiple users to share recipes on any device --whether it be a phone, tablet, or computer. Not only is the feature available to kitchen staff, but servers can also use it as a reference at any time. For those who like a hard copy, the feature also comes with an easy-to-implement print option.

You can also view allergen information for each dish, which ties dynamically to menu items. The recipe for each menu item is broken down into an ingredient list that MarketMan tracks. Whenever your chef adds new menu items using a common allergen, it will automatically populate on the menu, keeping your staff and customers safe and informed.

Let's say your chef adds a new steak dish to the menu with a dry rub recipe that includes paprika. When the chef adds the new recipe to the cookbook software, it will list paprika as an allergen without your staff having to take any extra steps.

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Accurate Menu Planning Made Easy

One of the leading functions of the Cookbook software involves accurate menu planning. This feature allows restaurateurs to get better insights into their costs. They'll also have an easier time tracking inventory and analyzing things like which items yield the most gross profit, which items need adjustments, and which ones should be taken off the menu. The insight on inventory from the menu planning feature in the recipe app will trigger reorders and alert operators when inventory is low on particular recipe ingredients. It will also alert operators of any 'shrinkage' like waste or theft.

With the Cookbook software, you can easily ideate new recipes within the app and make a shopping list from the menu items you dream up. As your menu changes seasonally, the recipe software can dynamically update ingredients as you need them. You can also easily import recipes from other programs and websites whenever inspiration from outside sources strikes.

Save Money with Automated Recipe Costing

Using OCR camera scanning technology, you'll get real-time analysis of where your inventory goes and how much your recipes are working for you. Which menu items are profitable and which are burning a hole in your inventory? When you've created a menu that you love, it can be challenging to consider the profit margin.

MarketMan alerts you when your food cost exceeds your indicated threshold and tracks prices over time, and makes sure there are no unexpected price changes to your ingredients. Comparatively, people who don't have an inventory platform need to constantly check the price of each ingredient every time they do inventory. With a recipe manager, you can keep track of everything in real-time.

This data is pooled with labor costs from third-party integrations (such as 7Shifts or Zoomshift) and gives you a practical overview of your inventory and menu options. You can also compare vendor rates with their competitors and order from vendors and suppliers directly on the Marketman app, so you're not wasting time calling, emailing, and texting over details.

Employee Recipe Training, Simplified

Restaurateurs also have the option to upload photos for a menu item and include the cooking procedure and additional data about the menu item within the cookbook. With this recipe organizer, users can pull menu items up on their tablets in the kitchen when they are going through employee training, eliminating the worry of stained or outdated printed recipes and other papers in the kitchen. (Wouldn't you like to have that for your family cookbook?)

Training your staff to use the cookbook software is easy. To utilize the program, employees can simply search for a specific menu item, like "candied bacon." Employees can find the ingredients, including the quantity and unit type of each ingredient and a detailed procedure for cooking each meal. They will also find the preparation time, cook time, and accurate portion size - all directly in the recipe software. Franchises or employees in training will also find an image of the completed menu item on the page to reference what the final product should look like.

The Cookbook gives back-of-house operations the attention it deserves by providing the best recipe creation software for culinary experts. It allows for a more straightforward way for operators and employees in training to learn the restaurant's menu through detailed cooking instructions, without the worry of losing instructions to stained paper or kitchen messes.

Best of all, you can rest assured that your staff is making consistently delicious meals every shift.

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