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LuckyDiem is reinventing digital marketing, loyalty & rewards programs for traditional brick and mortar businesses.


LuckyDiem promotes your business through a card-linked offer on 100s of the best websites and apps that reach more than 200 million monthly active users. Best of all, LuckyDiem is completely risk-free. You only pay for in-store sales. Free ad impressions, free clicks, and no upfront costs.

About Lucky Diem

Free Promotions: Promotes your business on 100s of websites & apps reaching more than 200 million consumers. Free Impressions. Free Clicks. Only pay for in-store sales.

Card-Linked Offers: Card-Linked-Offers enable an online user to link their credit or debit card when they see an offer online and then track them to an in-store purchase. This is done through a direct integration with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Risk-Free and Simple to Start: No Set-Up Fee, No Commitment, No Cancellation Fees. No Hardware, No Software, No Employee Training, No in-store redemptions or vouchers.

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