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UrbanPiper enables you to control all your food delivery apps seamlessly from a single dashboard. This allows you to manage critical parts of your business such as online orders, menus, and inventory while deriving insights from a centralised view of your entire business. UrbanPiper is the preferred choice for over 35,000 restaurants around the world.


Online Management: Manage online orders from all your delivery channels in one place

Menu Management: Make changes to your menu and have them updated in real-time

Stock Management: Keep your stock updated so you never have to worry about cancellations

Business Insights: Make better decisions with insights


24/7 Support - Take advantage of UrbanPiper's 24x7 support across multiple channels

99.99% Uptime: - Outages become a thing of the past for your restaurant

Cost-effective pricing: - Don't feel the pinch of adapting new technology

Third Parties
Supported Regions
USA, UK, Canada, India, Ireland, Middle East, Latin America
Supported Languages
English, French, Arabic, Spanish
Solutions Offered
Order Management, Menu Management, Online-Ordering
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