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Become an eco-friendly restaurant AND
improve your profit margin

Today, that means being eco-friendly and following environmentally sustainable practices that lower food waste and packaging waste. Consumers care about environmental issues and being an eco-friendly restaurant gives you a competitive advantage in the fight to attract and retain customers.
But, where do you start?
Let MarketMan help.
MarketMan’s Restaurant Sustainability Audit helps you track wasteful practices in your operation, analyzes the data on waste generated from your most purchased items and delivers short- and long-term recommendations to reduce waste and identify cost-saving opportunities such as food cost reduction and hauler costs.

What the Sustainability Audit Includes


Analysis of current waste divided into waste categories

Waste Inventory

Analysis of current waste (inventory) VS actual waste

Hauler Costs

Analysis of your hauler costs

Wasteful Items

Analysis of most wasteful items purchased


Short term recommendations for reducing food and trash waste, what are the most cost-effective, easy practices to be implemented first.

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