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The Best Kitchen Inventory App

Streamline Restaurant Management with a Kitchen Inventory App

Beyond the obvious benefits of controlling food costs, a kitchen inventory app can streamline your operations so that your staff is spending less time on dreaded tasks like counting inventory.

Naturally, that will lead to fewer hours worked and lower labor costs, which will always improve your bottom line. 

MarketMan gives your restaurant real-time dashboards, so you know your inventory levels at all times. It will also help keep track of which items are least profitable, reaching low levels, or are possibly going to waste.

Those kinds of insights are exactly what your restaurant needs to reduce waste, lower food costs, and identify your most profitable menu items. Software like MarketMan also enables your accounts payable team to easily scan bills with their mobile app and automate incoming inventory. 

Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

Kitchen inventory management solutions are your secret weapon when it comes to staying on top of inventory tracking. These platforms help you strategize what items to order to cut down on waste, while helping you control your budget and spending. The right tech solution can provide actionable data into how you’re actually performing financially. You can use them to calculate food cost percentage, reduce over-buying, and figure out your least and most profitable items.

You’ll receive reports on inventory that goes out, such as menu items and ingredients sold and waste produced. This technology keeps you up to date on daily waste production, so you can create actionable strategies to reduce it.


Price Menu Items Effectively 

Even if you get the hang of these equations, it can be tough to keep track of all of this pricing information manually – especially as menu items change. Software-based restaurant management systems make it easier to keep track of profit margins and the effects of changes in costs, ingredients, and selling price.

By maintaining a database of your menu item’s current ingredients and their individual costs, these restaurant management tools allow business owners to:

  • Specify a selling price for a menu item; the tool will then calculate the cost of goods needed to prepare the dish and profit margin
  • Identify the desired cost of goods (e.g. 20%) for a particular menu item; the tool with then calculate the selling price necessary to meet that goal
  • Change ingredient amounts or substitute ingredients as needed; the tool will then calculate a new cost of goods needed to prepare the dish and profit margin. 

Bringing in a restaurant management tool will help you become more aware of what’s really going into the dishes you serve, so you can more accurately price menu items, make wiser financial choices, and increase profit margins.

Operationalize Your Kitchen with a Digital Cookbook


MarketMan's digital cookbook feature allows your back of house staff to understand what ingredients, amounts, and preparation goes into every dish. Here's what you'll get right out of the box:

  • Train your kitchen staff with ease
  • Control portions and reduce waste
  • Increase the consistency and precision of every dish
  • Quickly view recipes with responsive search on the fly
  • Real-time recipes are updated across every device
  • Quick access via computer, tablet, or phone
  • Easily print menu items with one click
  • Dynamic allergen reports

Control Operations Between Multiple Locations

If you own more than one location of your restaurant, using a restaurant management system that helps you view data for each location can be immensely helpful and time-saving compared with a separate system for each location.

Since restaurant management systems are cloud-based, it’s easy to toggle between restaurant locations and manage shift schedules, inventory, sales, ordering, accounting, and more.

When managers and staff are roped into using restaurant management software, it keeps everyone in the loop about what’s going on at each location. For example, it ensures staff members are in the right place at the right time – no more confusion about which location they need to show up at to work a shift.

You can also manage inventory across all locations and place orders with suppliers in bulk so that you save per item, as well as view which menu items are most successful at each location so that you can deliver what your customers want locally.


Round Out Your Restaurant Operations with a POS System

In most restaurants nowadays, POS systems are the central processing unit for all areas of your business. Every financial transaction is recorded at the point of sale, and your POS system can connect that information with your inventory, cross-reference it with your menu items, and produce detailed financial reports cut up in just about any way you can imagine.

Integrations and reporting are clear differentiators for your POS system. Part of what makes them so powerful is that the data can be used across your restaurant’s operations to power up your decision-making. POS systems that can integrate with kitchen inventory apps—so you can take out the guesswork in inventory management, menu optimization, and so much more. You’ll have all the data at your fingertips for calculating food costs, adjusting menu prices, and addressing food waste. 

You can also track inventory across the board, from the moment someone orders a burger to the moment a prep cook opens up another package of ground beef. An integrated POS system can give you complete control over your food production and sales process. 

MarketMan offers an industry-leading inventory management system that seamlessly integrates with almost any POS system to help you make the most of your restaurant, and spend less time worrying about the numbers and more time doing what you love.

Gerard E.
Gerard E.

MarketMan allows me to get food costs, pricing trends, even tax credits at the tip of my fingers and what’s best is that it integrates with my Point of Sale and Accounting software so I don’t even have to worry about those steps.

Gede S.
Gede S.
Assistant Restaurant & Bar Manager
I have been using this software for more than 3 years. I like how I can accurately calculate profit and loss on a daily basis. It was easy synchronizing with our POS system to create recipes and every menu item!
Melissa M.
Melissa M.
Purchasing Manager

I am most happy that the price of an ingredient carries through all functions from ordering, receiving invoices and payment, recipe costing, and inventory. The accuracy of this data has been a huge time-saver for the restaurant group, and we have a better idea of how profitable we are day-to day.”

Seamless Integrations

MarketMan integrates with all major food distributors, POS systems and accounting software to help you build a unique ecosystem tailored to your specific needs.

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