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Although Windows tends to be the most commonly used OS for businesses, nowadays many restaurants are turning to Apple products. For example, some of the most popular POS systems use iPads and other Apple devices to facilitate a smoother and more efficient customer experience, leading more and more restaurants to add Macs to their operations.

The Restaurant Technology Ecosystem

The ecosystem of your devices, apps, and platforms (what some businesses refer to as their technology stack) is what helps you sell, scale, and stay nimble. If your restaurant chooses to use Apple products, like the iPad ordering screen, you need to make sure that every point in this ecosystem can communicate and work together.

However, as many of us have learned the hard way, the Apple ecosystem doesn’t always have what you need for your business. Sometimes apps on your Mac don’t connect with their Windows equivalents, and some Apple apps like Inventory Management Software might not have the features your restaurant needs. For many restaurant owners, the best technology solution is the easiest: cross-platform, multifunctional apps in an ecosystem that simply works.

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MarketMan: The Cross-Platform Solution

Many of the world’s most successful restaurants rely on data and efficiency to scale. Their front of house and back of house are integrated with sophisticated systems that take data from the point of sale, sync it with their inventory, and evaluate it with advanced analytical tools. However, much of that efficiency relies on how well that data can be acquired and transferred from app to app.

For restaurants that use Mac-based POS systems in the front of house and need a comprehensive, cross-platform, and cloud-based Inventory Management Solution to shore up their back of house, MarketMan has you covered.


MarketMan is a full lifecycle inventory management tool that’s built for cross-platform functionality. As you process sales from your iPad-enabled POS, MarketMan automatically subtracts the ingredients from your on-hand levels in your inventory. On a weekly and monthly basis, you can track sales trends and forecasts, total spend, food waste, and more through the reporting suite.


MarketMan is a cloud-based platform with a mobile app that’s available for iOS and Android. The app is fully compatible with MacOS, and integrates with almost every major POS, as well as many other restaurant management softwares. Cross-platform functionality means that MarketMan not only works on both Windows and Mac, the apps are identical in function, and can share information between each other despite the difference in operating systems.


As a cloud-based platform, MarketMan securely stores and backs up all of your restaurant’s data to the cloud. So if the power goes out or your hard drive kicks the bucket, you can pick right back up from where you left off. Additionally, MarketMan supports offline syncing, so the next time you lose wifi in the walk-in freezer, you can rest assured knowing your inventory will update as soon as you reconnect.

Making Mac Work for Your Restaurant

As more and more restaurant management softwares offer cross-platform and Mac capabilities, it's crucial that your technology ecosystem can keep up. Isolating critical business functions like accounting or inventory counting behind different silos and walls can reduce the efficiency of your business, especially as you scale.

Your inventory is the most important data input for your business. Having access to that data helps you conduct analyses on everything from cost of goods sold and food waste to labor costing and sales forecasting. A cross-platform inventory management solution can help you stay light on your feet, and get all the different aspects of your business the data they need to be successful.

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