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With MarketMan each step of inventory management is taken care of.

From simplifying order management, to reducing food waste and bolstering profitability, our cloud-based software and app allows restaurant owners to streamline their business and achieve faster growth.

But by integrating MarketMan with a POS like Touch Bistro, that platform only becomes more powerful.

Here’s how.

To start with TouchBistro is a powerful, purpose-built tool for restaurant owners in its own right. It’s a POS and integrated payment solution built specifically for the restaurant industry, and already used by 16,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries worldwide.

An all-in-one POS solution, including software, hardware, payment processing, training, install support and more, it has an intuitive system that’s easy to learn for both owners and their staff. Plus, that system can be accessed with nothing more than an iPad making it ideal for agile restaurant businesses, and managers always on the move. As well as all the sales data you’d expect from a POS, it comes with all sorts of additional functionality to improve customer experience too. It can deliver insights that help to improve the accuracy of orders, to reduce wait times and deliver a consistent level of service whether customers order via dine-in, takeaway or deliver.

Even better, its hybrid system also allows for assistance at any time of day or night, and with offices in Canada, the US, the UK and Mexico, it has its fingers firmly on the pulse when it comes to what matters to restaurant owners, wherever in the world they might be.

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In short, TouchBistro can help streamline business operations, automate monotonous manual tasks and deliver insights that help a restaurant business boost sales.  

But by pairing this performance with MarketMan, this impact gets turbocharged.  

It’s a simple process to do. With an initial integration of TouchBistro, MarketMan can pull in all existing menu items, along with their POS codes and prices. This information is then continually updated, with new menu items added and sales summaries pulled from the shared data. But with all the data that process provides MarketMan can deliver all sorts of extra functionality that’ll add value.

This includes:

  • Real-time stock alerts: As sales are recording via TouchBistro, MarketMan depletes the inventory from your stock in real time, and sends alerts straight to your phone when items are at par level. This not only avoids missing menu items (and unhappy customers) but it also gives restaurants the leeway to secure the best deal on items.
  • Menu insights: By integrating with your POS, MarketMan can check what dishes are proving most profitable (and which aren’t) allowing you to adjust menus accordingly. It can also flag price changes from key suppliers to bring down the cost of popular dishes.
  • Shrinkage reports: Compare actual vs. theoretical stock levels to identify waste, theft or negligence – and quickly step in to correct it - on a daily basis.
  • Sales summaries: Get daily sales broken down by individual inventory items.

This automated data gives any restaurant business a serious competitive edge.

From using it to improve operational efficiencies, to creating more profitable (and popular) menus or even communicating directly with customers. Over time, these benefits only increase too. At businesses where this integrated technology is more established, owners can use historical data to monitor and maintain their market share, draw clear comparisons with the competition and ultimately serve their customers more effectively.

Which is why it’s no surprise that more and more restaurants are swapping spreadsheets for automated - and integrated - systems.

Plus, it comes one big additional benefit that businesses sometimes fail to consider: staff retention. Simply put, by integrating technologies in this way restaurants can improve work conditions and better hold onto staff.  

Employee turnover in the restaurant industry is as high as 70%. Not only is that an operational headache, with new members of a team needing additional support and supervision, but it also costs the business a significant amount of money. In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, it costs roughly $2,000 to recruit and train a new hire into the restaurant business. For managers, that jumps to $15,000.

By introducing a simple-to-use integrated system it is possible to improve retention by freeing up staff time, and allowing them to focus on higher level tasks rather than what can be the monotonous but painstaking job of matching POS data with inventory.

To maximise this benefit its important that a restaurant business takes the time to train all staff thoroughly on how to use the system, of course. Take note of any common mistakes too and ensure these are included in any follow-up sessions.  This process of integration will take time, so avoid any ‘set it and forget it’ solutions where you receive little support after the contract is signed.

With MarketMan and TouchBistro benefit from a comprehensive guide on how to set-up and start using the integrated technologies, with videos, step-by-step tutorials and even live workshops. Plus, if you’re ever stuck the MarketMan customer support team is available any time, day or night.

Don’t work with TouchBistro and not looking to switch up your POS right now? No problem.

MarketMan syncs with a wide range of industry leading POS systems, with integration often as easy as a quick email.

Our platforms integrates with more than 30 different POS providers, including Square, Toast, Revel and Lightspeed, and there are always plenty more integrations coming so keep an eye on this page for updates.

If we don’t yet integrate with your POS though, don’t worry. You can still manually upload sales data to the MarketMan management system to benefit from the same insights. Even if we do integrate with your POS, you might have some sales from non-integrated sources, like delivery or catering platforms, and so it could be worth uploading sales from these channels on a regular basis to feed into big picture reports. For a guide on how to do, take a look here.

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