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Toast Restaurant Inventory Management with MarketMan

If your restaurant or hospitality business uses Toast’s powerful Point of Sale (POS) system, you know how impactful data in the cloud can be on your operations. By combining Toast with MarketMan, the industry leading cloud-based inventory management system, you can centralize all your inventory, ordering, and invoicing with a continuous stream of accurate data, right from your point of sale.

How does MarketMan work with Toast?

MarketMan and Toast seamlessly integrate via an API that retrieves items sold simultaneously with inventory items used. As a robust POS system designed to manage orders for every customer, party, and table, Toast excels at enabling your staff to accelerate turn times and ensuring accurate orders are plated on time. Combining Toast with MarketMan ensures every sale, modification, and substitution is logged and depleted from your inventory.

How does POS data work in MarketMan?

MarketMan is an inventory management system that manages every item and ingredient in your inventory in real-time. Organized by recipe, MarketMan depletes individual ingredients from your stock whenever a purchase is recorded. So when a customer uses a Toast self-checkout Kiosk, orders at the bar, or has their order taken by the waitstaff, MarketMan automatically pulls that data from Toast and depletes it from your inventory.


What about modifiers and substitutions?

Modifiers and substitutions made in Toast POS are automatically recorded in MarketMan. You’ll never lose track of a double cheese, double onions, hold the pickles order again.

Can MarketMan manage ordering and procurement?

MarketMan allows you to automate inventory ordering and invoicing. You can set par levels and low stock alerts, and configure auto-ordering whenever levels dip below a set threshold. With MarketMan’s mobile app, you can scan invoices and upload them to your accounting software automatically.


What’s unique about Toast inventory management through MarketMan?

MarketMan can help you scale your restaurant operations to any level: whether you own a single shop, a franchise, or even a virtual kitchen. Powered by the accurate data derived from your Toast POS, MarketMan can make your inventory counting, supplier relationships, and restaurant reporting more efficient than ever before.

Managing multiple properties, restaurants, and revenue streams

MarketMan can scale with the size of your business, which is especially helpful when managing shared inventories or multiple revenue streams. So if each of your properties uses Toast, you can sync each restaurant with MarketMan and track inventory, place orders, and create reports all from one interface. You can keep tabs on how each restaurant is performing, their profitability, their usage, and even their waste, and make decisions accordingly. 

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Perpetual inventory tracking

Because MarketMan queries Toast in real-time for order data, you can keep perpetual inventory counts with up-to-date information on what ingredients you have on-hand. Perpetual inventory tracking helps you stay flexible and get ahead of rushes, droughts, and waste. With MarketMan and Toast, you can stay on your toes and never get caught off guard when the pot roast special sells out before the evening rush.

In-depth reports and accounting integrations

MarketMan’s reporting suite uses sales data from the Toast integration to create in-depth reports on your Cost of Goods Sold, food costs, profitability (both real and theoretical), food waste, theft, and even menu pricing. And, because MarketMan integrates with major accounting softwares like QuickBooks, you can integrate this data laterally with your bookkeeping or accounting department as well. When it comes to scaling your business, MarketMan and Toast can provide you with all the data, reports, and flexibility you need to succeed.


Does your restaurant use Toast? Find out how MarketMan can take your restaurant’s inventory management to the next level: request a demo today.

Gerard E.
Gerard E.

MarketMan allows me to get food costs, pricing trends, even tax credits at the tip of my fingers and what’s best is that it integrates with my Point of Sale and Accounting software so I don’t even have to worry about those steps.

Gede S.
Gede S.
Assistant Restaurant & Bar Manager
I have been using this software for more than 3 years. I like how I can accurately calculate profit and loss on a daily basis. It was easy synchronizing with our POS system to create recipes and every menu item!
Melissa M.
Melissa M.
Purchasing Manager

I am most happy that the price of an ingredient carries through all functions from ordering, receiving invoices and payment, recipe costing, and inventory. The accuracy of this data has been a huge time-saver for the restaurant group, and we have a better idea of how profitable we are day-to day.”

Seamless Integrations

MarketMan integrates with all major food distributors, POS systems and accounting software to help you build a unique ecosystem tailored to your specific needs.

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