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MarketMan enables Juice Press to proactively manage inventory across 80+ locations

Juice Press is on a mission to create the most trusted nutrition and wellness brand on the planet. Founded in 2010 with the vision of bringing a healthier, more transparent lifestyle platform to the market, Juice Press offers an expansive organic product line as well as a variety of lifestyle resources. With MarketMan in place for over 4 years, Juice Press store Managers and the corporate team communicate more effectively on inventory management strategy to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, streamline operations, and better manage supplier relationships.

How a Multiple Location Operator Lowered COGs by 3% with MarketMan – Taco Del Mar

Taco Del Mar is a Colorado-based Mexican fast-casual restaurant chain that pioneered serving authentic coastal Mexican cuisine like fresh fish tacos and massive mission-style burritos popular in Baja California. They use MarketMan to automate profit-draining manual tasks and lower cost of goods by 3%.

The Dolar Shop Burnaby
How Chinese Hot Pot Chain the Dolar Shop Streamlined Their International Restaurant Operations with MarketMan

The Dolar Shop is an international Chinese restaurant chain showcasing Hong Kong-style hotpot culture, blending high-quality ingredients with top-notch sauces and unique flavors. They turned to MarketMan to streamline their purchasing process and inventories across each location, facilitating efficient ordering between wholesale vendors and suppliers.

The Cove at BearX
How Daycation Resort BearX Operationalized Inventory Seamlessly with MarketMan

BearX is a daycation resort located in College Station, Texas. With multiple outlets for retail, merchandise, and food service, they turned to MarketMan to manage shared inventories with ease.

How The Other Bird Reduced COGs by 10% with MarketMan

The Other Bird is a hospitality group based in Hamilton, Ontario focused on offering unique and charming culinary experiences. Some brands under their wing include The Mule, Arlington Hotel, and Hunter & Co. Here’s how they implemented MarketMan to reduce the time they spend on inventory counting, which has increased visibility across their teams.

Table of pastries
How Fast Casual Bakery Lorraine Oversees Four Locations and Commissary with MarketMan

Bakery Lorraine creates artisanal handmade pastries and delicious cafe bites at four fast casual and sun drenched locations between San Antonio and Austin. They’ve experienced expansive growth since their founding, moving locations and shifting operations to a commissary kitchen and warehouse to support new business. They turned to MarketMan to manage their inventories across each location, facilitating efficient ordering between wholesale customers and suppliers.

Toro Loco Burger
How Toro Loco Sports Bar combats theft and COVID with MarketMan

Located on the island of Bocas del Toro, Panama, Toro Loco Sports Bar has turned to its food menu to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re relying on MarketMan to track their inventory from ordering to service, while preventing theft and waste in the back of the house.

How LoveKind Manages Their Hospitality Portfolio with MarketMan

LoveKind is an incubator for small businesses in the hospitality industry with a focus on wellness, helping brands in their portfolio scale, grow, and thrive. They manage four restaurants in Toronto: Calii Love, BFF, ELXR, and the newly opened Nava Social.

Each of these restaurants have their own supply chains, inventories, and business models. They adopted MarketMan as an inventory management tool to help manage their businesses as they scale.

How MarketMan + TouchBistro POS Helped This Restaurant Reduce Time Spent on Inventory by 85%

A busy, full service restaurant model with multiple locations, Cafe Crepe was operating their business through a central commissary kitchen. This commissary would receive orders from suppliers, prepare recipes, and then “sell” inventory to each restaurant at no additional cost. They had started the business using a manual pen and paper system to manage inventory, but as the business grew it became apparent they needed better tools.

How Fast Casual Restaurant Lucky 13 Scaled Their Operations With MarketMan

Lucky 13 Sandwich is a fast-casual restaurant serving delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, at affordable prices. While they currently have Express and Full-Service restaurant locations in Phuket and Bangkok, they have big plans to expand in other cities, both domestically and internationally. Danny Cavender, the Business Development Manager, knew he could best support this process by improving the efficiency of their existing restaurant management system, and sought out a simple yet advanced setup that would be suitable for an international franchise. When he discovered MarketMan, he knew the platform would be key to accelerating Lucky 13 Sandwich to a digitally advanced enterprise.

How Ashley Mac’s Reduced Inventory Counting Time by 60%

Any restaurant owner knows that manually inputting and adjusting invoices in a huge headache, especially when you’re paying multiple per day. The team at Ashley Mac’s used to spend thirty minutes per day manually processing one or two invoices. Now, they can simply snap pictures of a stack of invoices in ten minutes, tops. 

How MarketMan Helped Southern Oklahoma Tech Feed Over 1,500 Students Per Week

Shannon Lewis, the Food Service Manager, was frustrated spending the majority of his time keeping track of inventory by hand to make sure he could feed over 1,500 students each week.  “[Marketman] software lined up perfectly for us,” said Lewis. “There’s nothing that I can’t track. Not only does it coincide with Square, but it also takes over 90% of my job…it’s been great for us.” 

Erewhon Markets

Erewhon is a natural and organic grocer based in Los Angeles. With five locations and over 600+ employees, MarketMan has served as an integral piece to their growth by streamlining processes across the

Westville Restaurant Group

Running six restaurants and one bakery means that a restaurant group like Westville in New York City often has to juggle many suppliers to take care of its needs at each location.

Balance Grille

The Toledo, Ohio-based restaurant brand prioritizes back-end technology for streamlined operations.

Bruegger’s Bagels

Bruegger’s Bagels brings fresh, New York-style bagels to nearly 300 locations around the U.S., but it’s Dan Krueger who brought Bruegger’s Bagels to South Carolina.

Dog Haus

Craft Casual Hot Dog Chain Franchisee Ditches Spreadsheets for Advanced Technology to Allow for Streamlined Inventory Tracking.

left coast food
Left Coast Food

Focused on serving healthy food that delivers rich flavor and is convenient, Left Coast is planning to expand from their current three locations and open stores on the west coast.

Leonelli Restaurants

With not one but three different restaurant concepts, the Leonelli Benno brand in New York City has a lot going on at any given time. Liz Benno…

Potato Champion

Open since 2008, Potato Champion has grown into an all day operation after establishing itself as one of Portland’s premier spots for late night food.

K Brew

K Brew strives to focus on producing quality product, sparking great conversation with its community, and promoting the city of Knoxville through its growing Coffee Brand.

Tuttle Orchards

Tuttle Orchards is an 85+ year family owned apple orchard. They employ MarketMan at their a farm store that is open year round.

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